It’s almost my Special Minute.

And my special minute is 10:18, because my birthday is 10/18. Most of you know that, but now the rest of you are informed and you can cherish that moment twice per day. 🙂

I’m tired of obsessing over whether my posts are Photography enough. This is my blog. I will post stuff here, and it won’t always relate to photography. It’s too hard to stick to certain themes, don’t you think? Toooooo restrictive. Especially when I take way fewer photos in the winter months.

Guess what! My mom is coming to visit me. 😀 The last part of February is going to be packed, but it’ll be good.

Someone’s screencap of their Paradise Island game.

Lately I’m hooked on city building games, although I’ve reduced it to two at the moment (one stopped working correctly, so I uninstalled it). I’m playing Paradise Island and My Country. Both try to get me to pay them money, which I resent, but I just do everything the long way and play the free version. The thing is, I’d be willing to pay a little for a game up front. What I don’t like is that they claim they are free, but then want to charge here and there for little tasks. Microtransactions, I guess they call them. There are lots of names. Anyway, if you know of any good city building games (with nice graphics) that don’t try to take all my money, please do tell.

Did you notice they had Jennifer Garner writing on a chalk board in her class?
Who still uses chalk boards?

I rented the movie Valentine’s Day tonight, because I was suddenly in the mood to watch something. I thought it was pretty good. Definitely a few little surprises and happy moments.

I used to have stronger feelings about Valentine’s Day (in both directions, depending on what was going on in my life), but the older I get, the less interesting it becomes. I think that’s true about me, too. 😛

Do you have any Valentine’s plans? Feelings about the holiday that you want to share? Memories?