Japanese Garden

Before my sister and niece had to be at the airport, we had time to head over to the Japanese Garden. I hadn’t been in a few years and I knew it would be super green right now. I just realized that I’ve been there during the fall and summer, but not winter or spring. I wonder what it’s like in the winter. It might be interesting to see it then.

Anyway, I have some photos from that excursion. Duh.

Here’s the path entrance from the parking lot. There’s a tram that will drive you up to the main entrance since it’s kind of a tiresome climb, but we walked and it wasn’t bad.

I guess some trees always think it’s fall.

This young bird caught my attention since he was kind of sitting weirdly, like he was relaxing for awhile. I needed another lens to get a good shot before it moved, and when I finally got everything ready, I managed this one shot before he was scared off by a woman walking into an off-limits area. At least I got the one! He was in the middle of flying off the post at this point, though I don’t know why his little foot is sticking out like it is. I’m pretty sure that’s not something he learned in flying school.

It’s hard to catch that bridge empty between all of the walking traffic and photo poses that go on there.

You know about my like for path/road photos. There were plenty of those here.

There are bullfrogs being very noisy outside. I can hear them through my closed doors. And that is my teaser for some photos I took today that include, yes, bullfrogs! Get very excited. I’ll post them in the next couple of days.

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