Silver Falls

During my parents’ visit we went to Silver Falls State Park. I like taking visitors there because it’s nearby (about 30-40 minutes from Salem) and has beautiful sights year round. There are clean bathrooms, safe trails, a nice visitor’s center, and a few different hiking options depending on your time frame and energy level. It’s the perfect blend of civilization and nature. And that’s my plug for Silver Falls!

The most popular waterfall there is called South Falls (boring name). I had to take a photo of my mom photographing it because she so rarely takes pictures. 🙂 This is an odd sight. She’s good with her iPhone, though–nice composition, Mom!

The coolest feature of South Falls is the trail that goes behind it.

I didn’t take a ton of waterfall photos since I have so many on my computer already (some are here). This time I think I enjoyed the natural setting more.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone up here to the stream that leads into South Falls. There are some really pretty scenes, and the water is surprisingly calm and shallow up there.

The fall color was looking nice up there. I kind of want to go back this season when it’s at its peak.

You know me and path photos! We arrived early enough on a cloudy day that it wasn’t very crowded, as you can see.

I thought this looked more like the house from Hansel and Gretel than a bathroom. It seemed to be locked, but isn’t it quaint?

I think this is North Falls, but I’m not positive. There is a lookout for this view, and a trail that takes you a bit closer (we didn’t go on it).

I think that little curving trail is very picturesque.

We took another trail that had some nice colors. My parents were very cooperative when I kept requesting their photo. I need more pictures of them, plus it gives some perspective.

One of many stalker photos.

Here’s the waterfall we came to on this trail. What is this.. Twin Falls? I really can’t remember.

My cute mom.

Have you been to Silver Falls?

Silver Falls

I finally redesigned my blog, though it’s probably just temporary. You can come look at it here if you are seeing this through a reader.

Now for the main point of this post. My friend D is visiting from California. She and I have been friends since fifth grade, and it’s great to have her here. Today it was actually sunny, so we decided to go over to Silver Falls since she has never been. I have been a few times and was figuring I’d not want to take many pictures, but I’ve never seen it at this time of year. It was very full and the fall/winter colors gave everything a different look. I had a great time walking around in all the mist and taking pictures, even though it was pretty cold and it gets dark so dang early. Oh Oregon…why?

A standard shot of South Falls. It’s the only waterfall we visited while there. Oh and I didn’t bring a tripod, so for all of these the camera was either hand-held or set on a fence post or something.

For those of you who haven’t been here, you can walk behind the waterfall on a trail. We actually didn’t because it was too wet. This photo isn’t fabulous, but it gives you an idea of the size.

Another unfab photo just to show you the area.

I’m competing for the world’s record of Most Photos of a Fuzzy White Line in One Blog Post.

The plants growing out of the rock wall were all misty, but it was hard to capture them in photos.

Of course I have to take pictures of ferns. And here’s a trail in the park around the falls.

I’m still into photographing mushrooms, so D was alerting me whenever she came across some.

I didn’t even notice this cute curled grass until I looked at this photo on my computer. It’s like a grass swan!

There were a few mini waterfalls on the sides of the cliff.

I was all into photographing the moving water, as you can tell. Next time I really need to bring the tripod for all the long exposures, but I really hate using tripods.

Which do you prefer? With or without dead leaves in front?

Speaking of leaves.

This little guy was just growing out of the end of a log.

Okay, thanks for looking!