Project 52 (50)

Happy Saturday! I have a few photos for you. (Warning: I have a slug photo a few photos down, so if that bothers you you’ll want to just skip this post.)

Here are my two new hanging plants that I got for $5-something each.
The fuchsia is not exactly loaded with blossoms, but the hummingbirds still inspect it sometimes (and then have fast food over at the feeder), and it’s nice to have some greenery on my deck. Here’s something interesting I read online the other day (which means it’s true, of course): fuchsias naturally bloom upright, but have been bred to have weak stems so they droop over.  I haven’t done any further research, but maybe some of you know about that? I’m not sure if they meant the blossoms, the leaves, or both.
I think this is a begonia? I’m such a plantologist. 
I have several photos on my computer that I never got around to posting. Here’s some catching up…
Taken weeks ago when I took a spontaneous trip to the wildlife refuge. I love the cute ground cover under the rail trail.
Slug alert…
(And poor photography alert.) On that same trip, I realized it was apparently slug season. There were dozens of these out on the  trail, and I had to keep my eyes on the ground so I wouldn’t step on them. They ranged in size from about 4-6 inches long. Pretty nasty, but also kind of fascinating. I was thinking about what good slugs are. I’m sure they have an important role.
These are just a few photos I took at work the other day.
That’s enough for now.
Hey, I’ve been trying to be better at responding to comments the same day instead of like three weeks after they’re left, but I didn’t go back and check old entries. I’m not sure whether I should, at this point. Reader poll (I think I may have asked this before, though): do you subscribe to the comments or go back and check them regularly?
Enjoy your weekend. Mine’s indoorsy so far, since it’s all rainy. But I like the indoors!


  1. Lovely photos. I'd never heard that about fuschia plants.

    Slugs. There's got to be some use for them!

    As far as commenting. I don't subscribe but I do go back sometimes and check them — especially if I left open-ended or question-y comments.

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