Rainbows are visions

Various crises among my family and friends have me a bit troubled this week, so things like seeing a very faint rainbow (can you even see it in the above photo?) over the water outside my back door are little highlights. But I, being the greedy girl that I am, asked God to make it a brighter and larger rainbow so I could get a decent photo. (He’s used to my requests regarding photo ops.) Then I went to do a few things before I left for a meeting, and kind of forgot about it until I walked back out into my living room and saw this:

🙂 🙂 🙂

And though I was definitely on time for the meeting (despite what it may have seemed), having only one minute to spare was almost entirely the rainbow’s fault. I had to get plenty of pictures.

This reminds me of my rainbow story which I must share now. Don’t stop me if you’ve heard it.

Once upon a time, back when I lived with my parents, I looked outside to see a weird gold light on everything, making the trees vibrant against a dark gray sky. Fancy! Then I noticed a bright rainbow, and I went outside to look at it. My dad has outdoor speakers and had left music playing even though no one else was out there. (They were attached to a system that was set to one of those music TV channels that comes with various cable/digital packages. You know, nonstop music of a particular genre, and the screen is generally blank aside from some info about the song, artist, etc.) So I’m out there in the gold light, looking at a rainbow and having an Enya moment, when a song comes on that enhances the experience even more. It was a piano piece from what was likely the New Age music channel.

I liked the song enough that I wanted to know what it was before it ended and stopped displaying the information, so I quickly ran through the house to reach the TV and read what it was. The song was (drumroll)…. Riding the Rainbow by Tom Barabas! How meant to be was that?! Seriously, what are the odds that a rainbow-titled song would play right at the moment I’m looking at a rainbow?

Hey look – you can listen to it here: Riding the Rainbow

It’s definitely worth a listen. I’m a fool for good piano music.

Oh and here’s one more photo, because I think it’s fun that you can kind of see the rainbow’s reflection in the water.