Art Journal – Prompts 5-8

I’m back with some more journal pages! Click on pictures for a larger version.

Prompt 5 (top left): Here we’re supposed to talk about our favorite blogs. I’m always bad at favorites, and there aren’t really any blogs that I necessarily *have* to check everyday, as the prompt asks. Not everyone even posts everyday. But these are the ones I enjoy that came to mind first (and I may have consulted my reader as well).
Prompt 6 (top right): In this one we were supposed to talk about some goals and desires for the moment (today, this week, whatever).
Prompt 7 (bottom left): Please excuse this one–I really don’t like how it came out. I guess I suck at drawing castles. I even contemplated redoing the page, but got lazy. I liked the prompt (tell how we were feeling that day), but couldn’t really express it very well. Some of you know, so I’m asking the rest of you: any guesses on what book I was reading? I just finished it today.

Prompt 8 (bottom right): Today’s prompt was to illustrate an inside joke. Well, I wrote and illustrated many, instead. (I guess I don’t follow directions all that well at times.) This was a fun one for me, because a friend and I have a ton of inside jokes. These all pertain to one friend, so I’m sorry to the rest of you–it’ll be really lame. No need to read it over. [And please ignore the incorrect guitar drawing. :D]
Thanks for reading, and if I don’t post tomorrow, have a great Independence Day! Non-Americans: have a great regular day!

Art Journal – Prompts 2-4

Oh hey, let’s get caught up on these.

Prompt 2 was, What is the BEST part of your day?” Answer:

My opinion of my page this day: LAME. It’s not the prompt’s fault, I just really lamed it up here.

[Note: that says “Watch the beavers,” not “Watch the bears.” Sorry about my handwriting.]

Prompt 3 (talk about a person special to me) was not one I wanted to do. I didn’t like the idea of picking one person and then making other people feel sad or confused or anything. I know I could’ve picked several, but then where do I stop? It’s like making a wedding guest list. So instead, I stole one of my sister’s ideas and talked about someone who is my opposite. 

That was easy because whenever I think of someone who is my opposite, I think of my younger sister, D. The page kind of explains why.  I definitely appreciate some of her non-me qualities, though. For instance, in social situations she can make friends instantly and keep the conversation going, so it’s fun be at gatherings with her. Anyway, she and I aren’t always the extremes of those descriptions, but it gives you an idea. Like some people would be all, “Jessica? A wallflower? Que the heck?” but that’s because they’re seeing me in specific situations where I’m feeling more social, or maybe there are bugs all over the walls.

Prompt 4 (that’s today) was, What does your heart look like?”

[I should clarify that I’ve not actually seen my heart, so this drawing probably isn’t 100% accurate.]
I was thinking about how to sum up what’s in my heart, and I thought about how the seasons are a good representation of life overall, with their goods and bads and changes and consistencies.
And now we’re caught up! So far I’m having mixed feelings about this project. It’s a good thinking exercise for me, and I enjoy it for the most part, but before I start I always feel a little dread. Also, my pages are not exactly gallery quality, so it’s a humbling exercise to post them here for you. 😛 Oh well.
What about you–have you done a journal like this or do you want to?

Art Journal – Prompt 1

My sister R has been doing a 30-Day Journal Challenge and it has inspired me to take on the challenge myself! Only, I’m afraid to actually say I’ll do it for 30 days since I tend to be a big quitter. How about we take it a week at a time? Or a day at a time? 🙂 (Though I am feeling encouraged that if R can do it between homeschooling and caring for her 5 kids plus 4 nieces and everything else, then what excuse do I have not to finish it?)

The challenge comes from Janel over at Run With Scissors. I guess the ideal is to follow along with the group, but I’m just now feeling like things have calmed down and I can work on something like this. A few friends did the challenge last year, so I decided to go back and do the 2010 prompts so everything would be new for me. It seemed unfair to go into it knowing what prompts to expect, plus it puts pressure on me to think about it before the day has come. I like this idea better. I won’t look at the new prompt until the day I do it.

Prompt 1 says to “Create a full page design introducing yourself. 🙂 Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.”

(Click for larger)

How self-centered am I? 🙂

I’ve decided to [try to] avoid disclaimers with this journal and just enjoy it. It’s going to fall short in many ways, but the point is to just be creative and try something a little different. When I was a kid I loved doing a lot of art projects with paper, tape and markers, so this is a chance to go back to that and get off the computer. I took R’s lead on this day and skipped pencil and did it all in pen. No erasing! It’s kind of liberating, actually.

I’ve written too much in this post, so if you have questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try to be less wordy on these in the future!