Bottled Water Reviews

Market Pantry (from Target)
This is delicious water! It’s like the ice cream of waters, hold the cream. They sell it for a reasonable price, too, and my only complaint is that the label is boring. Even the name isn’t all that enticing. Market Pantry doesn’t make me think of cold, refreshing water, it makes me think of room temperature snacks.

I know, how weird is it that NestlĂ© makes water and doesn’t even disguise the brand? It’s like if Hershey’s made water. Or Cadbury. I don’t want chocolate water (chocolate soda taught me that there is an evil side to our dark friend), but it’s often on sale so I have been able to get past the name and enjoy the water. It’s good enough. Recently they changed their bottle design to something more curvy and it actually makes me like the water more. It’s funner to hold. It really is – pick one up and tell me I’m wrong.

This is the brand of water I associate with all rich or perfect people. The few times I’ve had it I haven’t been that impressed. Plus, it’s hard to say – is it like Ev-ee-un or Ev-ee-on?

Something is wrong with this water. I’ll drink it if it’s the only thing available, but it seems to have an aftertaste to me. I shouldn’t have to experience an aftertaste with a beverage that has no taste to begin with. That’s not fair.

Oregon Rain
This is disappointing, because the label and concept seem really tempting. It says it’s “virgin water,” never touched by the earth but gathered in rain farms. To be honest, it tastes like it’s gone farther than first base with the earth, maybe even several times. Plus it’s super expensive unless you can find it in 99 cent bottles at a grocery store (when sold separately). I guess it’s kind of a fun Oregon souvenir, though.