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Portraits: Bella and family

July 1, 2012

Last year I photographed Aiden for his third birthday, so Mat and Darcy asked me to photograph their new baby, Isabella, this year! She just turned 8 weeks old and look how cute she is:

As I was going through and editing these photos, I felt like I was seeing her for the first time. I tend to be distracted by photography at portrait sessions and have less time to admire the cuteness.

I don’t have as much experience with baby photography, so it was fun to work out some ideas, especially for the outdoors. This blanket was a special gift, so Mat and Darcy thought it would be cool to feature it in some of the pictures.

Her little ballet outfit. She had a point class to get to after the shoot. 😉

We worked in a few family photos as well.

Bella was getting a little pictured out by now.

Really cute!

You can see Bella was thrilled that her brother was holding her, but he seemed proud and big-brotherly.

Aiden’s turn for a few shots. He’s a big Angry Birds fan.

Thanks, Mat and Darcy!


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  1. She is precious! Nice work on the photos, too. 🙂

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwesommmmmmmmmmme! 🙂

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