Food Friday

Here I am again! Just a few food photos from the past few weeks. Mostly average, but you can see some of the things I’ve been fixing.

Pulled pork sandwich. This was pre-marinated pork that is made for the slow cooker. I’m a cheater. But it was great!

Still enjoying the slow cooker–I made pot roast and I feel like I want to make it every week now.

Peanut butter bars, but I added white chocolate. I brought these to a game day with friends.

It’s more peanut butter! I made these cookies and gave them out to a few people. They turned out pretty well–nice and soft and yet held their shape. I’m too lazy to look up the recipe again, but I might post it another day.

Breaking the rules with a big, squarish picture! I suddenly had a mad craving for pasta with fresh mozzarella, so I made this. It was delicious. Typically this type of dish would also include tomatoes, but I’m kind of picky about them and left them out. I’ll admit it seemed to need some tomato flavor, though…maybe if I diced them small enough. I just don’t like big pieces of tomato. This has a basic clam wine sauce, but you can’t really tell.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


It’s been a month since I’ve posted food photos! I’ve been terrible about taking them, but I still hope to post them on some Fridays in the future, even beyond this year. I enjoy taking pictures of food sometimes, but then other times it feels what I eat is so repetitive that you’ve already seen it all.

Anyway, I have purchased a crock pot and have used it several times already! It just happens that most slow-cooked food isn’t all that attractive. But here’s a non-Friday food picture of some carnitas I made a couple of weeks ago:

The recipe is here. Her photo is better than mine since I didn’t have all the extras in my picture.

In non-food news, I took several photos around my home, but most are very boring, so you just get a few:

And remember this little lily plant? It looks like this now:

Finally, yesterday I got to do a portrait session with my friend Jennifer, and I’m very excited to show you my favorites. Here’s a a sample:

I’m hoping to post the others on Monday. I figure weekends aren’t as popular of a time to read blogs. Am I right or wrong? When do you have more time for blog reading?

I hope you’re having a good weekend!

[PS I coincidentally posted this on my Special Minute!]

Food Friday

Happy April! Don’t worry, there’s no fooling here. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my food! Here is a selection from the past few weeks.

03/08 – Not a great photo, but I had to mention this amazing dinner I had in Vegas. That General Tso chicken on the left was some of the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. OH MY GOSH. In the middle is obviously some kind of beef (so tender!) and…

…there was lobster on the right side. I couldn’t fit the whole plate in the frame.

03/10 – Heck no I didn’t make this! I did heat it up in the microwave, though. It’s orange chicken from the Dangerousway deli fridge. Pretty good for what it was!

03/11 – I made fried rice with more of that orange chicken.

03/16 – I took a little hiatus from food photos. I am back at it, but not feeling like I have to do it every day.

03/17 – Delicious breakfast sandwich!

03/18 – Creme brulee. The top doesn’t look particularly right in this photo, but I did torch the sugar. And I finally cooked the creme long enough–it takes a lot longer than the directions say.

03/19 – Homemade cheddar biscuits and chili. Sooooo good!

03/22 – Roasted veggies.

03/23 – Leftovers of the pasta and clam sauce from the night before, only I changed it up to make it alfredo sauce. Delicious!

03/24 – Chicken Caesar salad!

03/31 – I have a million photos with tortillas and beef, so I’ll spare you and just show this one. It’s crazy how I’ve been able to eat the same main ingredients for so many meals this week–that isn’t typically my style. This was a sort of breakfast burrito with eggs, shredded beef and avocado. The avocado was pretty soft, so I didn’t want to mess it up further by arranging…so yeah, this is kind of a sloppy setup.

Food Friday

Happy Friday!

This is two weeks of food photo choices.

02/18 – I was craving chili like mad and didn’t want to wait, so I just bought some. I did make the chips out of tortillas, though, because that sounded more delicious!

02/20 – What’s this? More tortillas? They’re so delicious!

02/22 – I made some banana cupcakes so I could use up the quickly-browning bananas. I put cream cheese frosting on them and brought some to work.

02/23 – More tortellini! This time with a clam caper sauce. It was just okay.

02/26 – The lunch served at the women’s conference. It was delicious! I could go for another croissant.

02/27 – After an afternoon on the cold, rainy, windy coast, we went to dinner at Mo’s (a popular chain on the Oregon coast). This is the crab melt.

02/28 – Obviously having company means splurging! We bought some brownies and made them into sundaes.

03/02 – You’re probably thinking I only eat various forms of stuffed pasta. You’re probably right.

03/02 – I had this the same day, but it’s not as pretty of a picture! That’s why lots of things don’t make my daily food photo.

Yes, I do eat vegetables! I just don’t always photograph them.

Food Friday

Sorry, just one photo this week. I didn’t put much effort into the rest, so they didn’t make the cut.

02/15 – P sent me home with awesome leftovers (she and I hung out on Valentine’s evening). So good!

Things have been pretty busy this week, and mostly in my brain. I feel like I’m having to make lots of little decisions and keep track of a billion tasks at the moment. None of them are very difficult on their own, but together I’m getting drained. TGIF and it’s a holiday weekend!

Last night I had the typical dream for how I’m feeling: I’m in school and have 3,000 projects due today and I haven’t started on any of them. It’s fun to stress while I sleep!

Photography has been consuming most of my thoughts, lately, due to the name change, the upcoming workshop, a new lens I’m planning to buy (so I’ve been obsessively tracking the price and double-checking reviews), and now I’ve agreed to show my photos in a little work-related gallery next month. So many decisions to make! Whenever I see my own photos a lot, I start feeling really tired and critical of myself, so that’s part of the drain. I’ve been second-guessing every decision and just feeling incompetent overall. I’m sure it’ll pass.

Boy, I’m chatty!

There are some great things coming up in my life. Next weekend I have two friends (from two states!) visiting so we can hang out and they can attend my photo workshop. Did I already tell you this? If so, it’s just because I’m very excited! How awesome are my friends, near and far? And then after that I’m going to Death Valley to camp with my parents! I’ve never been, and March is supposed to be an ideal time for photos. Oh and that’s Death Valley, CA. I’ve been surprised at how many times people have asked me where it is.

Have a great Friday and weekend! Sorry this post was lacking in photos and abundant in my rambling. I’m sure it’s full of mistakes, too–I’m not going to spend much time proofreading.

PS It’s snowing!

Food Friday?

I totally forgot about posting my Food Friday stuff this morning! But it’s kind of okay since I didn’t make a very good effort this week, and don’t really have many food photos to show you. I did manage to photograph a food each day, but most of the photos were not very thoughtful or well done. So I present you with just a few food photos and some spring (almost!) progress photos to compensate. πŸ™‚

This wasn’t a 365 photo, just some sugar cookies I made for friends. I took the picture thinking I might post the recipe, but I don’t think I liked these enough to pass it along.

01/28 – Leftovers! Rice pilaf.

01/29 – Free sandwich from Safeway. πŸ™‚ It looks like tuna in this photo, but it’s not. It’s turkey with a little mayo and mustard, plus lettuce and provolone.

Annnnnnd that’s all the food photos I’m showing you. Flower time!

Please excuse all the crocus photos–there are a bunch (flowers, not photos) on a hillside by my office, and I can’t help but take pictures of them as more and more are blooming. I always get excited about the first blossoms and like to record new growth and compare it with previous years.

Don’t get mad if you think these look like spiders and are now creeped out. They’re just these fuzzy seed things on a tree at work. I think they’re kind of pretty.

A little weed, but it’s a flower, so it’s good enough for me to photograph.

I can’t guarantee you won’t see more crocuses on this blog. They get extra attention since there’s not much flower competition right now.

Have a great weekend! Oh and thanks to those of you who watched my portfolio video. I was surprised at how many were willing to use almost 8 minutes of their life on that, so thank you very much. πŸ™‚ The nice comments are very encouraging.

Food Friday

I did a little grocery shopping and had more variety in my meals this week. I bought a few new items to use as props in my photos, and then my awesome sister sent me a Valentine’s package full of more props (placemats, plates, etc.)! It’s so exciting! And just what I needed, because I was starting to wonder how I’d continue this project. Not even one month in and I was already feeling down about all of it. I feel refreshed now. πŸ™‚

01/21 – A photo I had seen earlier in the day inspired my dinner choice: grilled chicken breast, baby yellow potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Deliciousness! I need to get some neutral plates, though.

01/22 – Kind of random, but it sounded good: rigatoni, ham and avocado. This was my first avocado of the year, and I’m happy to say it was actually the correct ripeness and texture (finally)! Oh and you’re crazy if you think I only ate that much of the avocado.

01/23 – It’s rigatoni again! This time with some leftover chicken, zucchini and feta.

01/24 – I had a hard day and almost forgot to take a picture, but remembered right as I made this popcorn. Close one!

01/25 – Ham and tortellini with cheese. Basically, it’s a fancier version of macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs.

01/27 – Salmon, rice pilaf and avocado. Kind of bland to look at, but oh so delish. And how fancy am I with the parsley? Some day I’ll share the rice pilaf recipe–my dad taught it to me several years ago.

A couple of bonus photos that didn’t make the cut. This was mostly because I was excited to use one of these dip bowls (and place mat) that my sister gave me. How adorable is it? Oh and I was excited about the M&Ms too. πŸ™‚

Another “Just in case I forget later” food photo. I love you, tea! Don’t ever change.

Does anyone have fun weekend plans? I am hoping to work on my photography workshop stuff and also sleep in. And maybe fold this laundry…or throw it away and buy all new things.

Food Friday

A week of health food!!

01/14 – I’ve been curious about this HΓ€agen-Dazs creme brulee ice cream, so I finally got some since it was on sale. I thought it tasted more like caramel/dulce de leche in rich vanilla ice cream, but it was still very good.

01/15 – I made restaurant-style pancakes after a friend researched a bit on why they taste different from homemade. This IHOP recipe turned out really well, and the triple berry syrup I put on top was PERFECT. I’ll be posting the recipe soon.

01/16 – Iced tea is good any time of the year.

01/18 – Happy quarter-birthday to me! I mostly took this photo to practice some lighting techniques I had just been reading about.

01/20 – Some sauteed zucchini. And yeah, I may set plates of food on the floor for some of my photos.

Food Friday

I wasn’t especially happy with my food photos this week, but here are a few of them…

01/07 – More comfort food–apparently that’s all I crave right now. I made mac and cheese, but added green chiles, bacon and green onions to make it more of a southwestern style. It was sooooooo good! (Why yes, K, that is the apron you made me in the background! PS I was asked if you sell your aprons–people are loving this fabric!)

01/10 – Mmmmmm chocolate milk.

01/11 – Whenever I have non-casserole meals with multiple food groups I feel so grown up! Potato wedges with sour cream, cube steak and roasted broccoli.

01/12 – Chai tea

Food Friday

I think I’ll post some of my daily food photos for you each Friday. It’s about time I have some kind of routine in my blog.

01/01 – There was leftover good bread from my NYE party (thanks, D!), so I had to make a grilled cheese sandwich out of it. I’m going to work on not pointing out problems with my photos in this project, so that’s all I have to say. πŸ™‚

01/02 – More leftover usage! I cooked a little extra ground meat for my NYE meal and saved it to put in eggs/etc. later on.

01/04 – K had me over for dinner and a movie (the third of Anne of Green Gables–yes, I know it’s not popular with those who read the books :)) and she made this delicious meal of potato soup, salad and homemade biscuits. So good! I should really get a crock pot one of these days.

This project puts food photography on my mind and makes me think about all the things I need to try and ways I need to improve (many, many ways). I hope I can show you better photos as the year goes on.