NM Trip

I’m all behind on commenting back to your comments on my blog! I will catch up, but in the meantime, thank you for the comments. I love them!

I’m also having issues with Google Reader–anyone else? It’s showing me old entries from July and it won’t remove them from the Unread list. It’s very difficult to follow any blogs with that issue, so I’m slightly behind on that as well.

Last weekend I went to New Mexico to visit my family. I have portraits to show you over the next week, but for now here are some general snapshotty photos from the few days I was there.

This cute bunny was in my sister’s yard.

After church, we all hung around my sister’s place doing Sundayish things, like eating homemade (by my brother-in-law) blueberry muffins. This is my nephew Z.

My sister, nieces and I played Scrabble.

K looks thoughtful. My dad is cooking dinner in the background.

Dinner was barbecued ribs and chicken along with corn, potatoes and watermelon. Delish! I love having meals cooked for me–something I took for granted growing up. I guess we all do.

The next day, my parents were headed to Santa Fe and looking cutely coordinated. My sister has some beautiful paint on her walls, so I snapped a few photos.

My sister and I took four of her kids to the Albuquerque BioPark, which has a Botanic Garden and Aquarium, among other things. We mainly went to get out of the house and take kid portraits, but it was really pretty there and I could’ve walked around taking non-portraits for awhile (except it was pretty hot). Last time I was there was during February when it’s not exactly lush.

WARNING: The rest of this post will contain a few spider and bug photos. If that grosses you out, just stop reading here.

This interesting spider was webbing it up near the doorway to the Botanic Garden. I’ve never seen one like it! UPDATE: It’s called a Black and Yellow Garden Spider.

I was excited that they had a butterfly garden there. I have been craving to go to one for awhile now.

There’s a man in the butterfly garden who will tell you about and let you hold a millipede and roaches. My nephews were all over it. I’ll just watch, thanks.

Next, we headed into the aquarium where there was blessed air conditioning.

Overall, it was a good trip with great weather and a fun chance to spend time with the family. And now I’ve seen the Albuquerque area in three seasons (Feb, Oct, Aug)! I guess I need to visit in the spring next–I bet it’s really pretty.