Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! I ♥ Thursdays. I’m going to include a few photos from the past week in this post, and they may or may not relate to my thankful items.  

1. Responses. I didn’t expect so many responses and for people to read all I wrote yesterday! 🙂 Thank you. I already feel better and more excited about my blog after posting that.


2. My new blog design. I changed it up–go look!


3. Summer. I love summer here in Oregon. It’s the nicest time of the year. I loved summer growing up, too, but when I was an adult I started liking it less after we moved from our house with the pool and I had to work full time in the HOT weather of the north valley of California. Moving to Oregon has changed the meaning of summer and it always reminds me why people live here in an otherwise dreary climate.

4. L’s visit was what I hoped. I feel like we got to do all the things I wanted to do with her, and we had safe travels and only minor glitches. I’m working on a video compilation and it makes me happy to watch the little clips. I’ll show you guys when I’m done.

5.The coast. I don’t go as often as I’d like, but I’m glad I have access to make it there a couple of times per year, at least.

6. My friends. I’ve said it before, but repeat thankfulness isn’t a crime. I have some really nice people in my life. Friends from church and work, online and offline friends from all over the world, and friends from places I’ve lived before. There are lots of nice people out there.

7. Speaking of friends from work, I have some really nice coworkers. There are people who consistently encourage and appreciate me. Just yesterday I got a gift from a coworker in thanks for basically just doing my job. I also received many nice words from some ladies I am on a committee with. It was sweet and unexpected!


8. The Internet. A couple of my friends are moving away, but thankfully it’s so easy to keep in contact with people these days.

That’s all I’ve got today! My lunch break is over, and Blogger is driving me crazy with the formatting, so sorry for weird spacing you may encounter. 



  1. R says:

    What a great list of thankfulness. And I love the new blog design. It's completely my style! If I was talented, I'd make my own blog banner like that (or similar) for Mama Flock. But for now, I'll just dream and maybe … put it on my birthday list. 😀

  2. Jessica says:

    R – Thank you! You may also ask your sister if she might make a blog banner for you. 🙂 Just a thought.

  3. R says:

    That would be sooo awesome. I just know you're a busy sister, too. 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    R – Well it's your lucky day. My photo shoot this weekend got postponed, and now that I'm completely unemployed from my church, I can afford to do these little projects. 🙂

  5. dantherpgman says:

    Best pic of L I've ever seen! All the pics are great actually : ) Love the two coast pictures.

  6. Mom says:

    That little bird singing is adorable. I love the sky at the coast; and love the plants growing down the wall.

    Of course L looks beautiful! Where have I been? When did she get the second piercing? (Don't tell her I asked that question.)

  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks, Dan!

    Mom, she now subscribes to my blog, though I don't know if she will go and read the comments. 🙂 But that was one of her 13th birthday gifts from her mom.. I guess she had been promised it years ago. 🙂

  8. Mom says:

    Oh good! Then I wasn't just unobservant when I visited in April.

  9. Tina says:

    A good good list. Heartfelt and uplifting. 🙂

    Also… good pictures… 🙂

    ALSO, I love the new banner. It looks like you. 🙂 And I'm excited about you having more freedom with your blog.

  10. Jessica says:

    Thanks, Tina!

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