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Project 52 (46-48)

June 20, 2012

I guess I should catch up on these!

46: This dragonfly hung out on my screen door for awhile.

BONUS: Here’s the other side, if you’re curious.

47: I picked up a couple of new sauces to try. (Then I placed them in my cart and paid for them before bringing them home.)

48: L on a walk through a foresty park on the coast.

I have to say, I won’t really mind when this project is over. For some reason I have an addiction to taking on photo projects, but I tend to get burnt out on them after awhile. It’s not like I don’t already take plenty of photos, right? But we’re practically on the home stretch now. Maybe my next photo project should be to not take on a photo project.

PS: Anyone else hating the Blogger changes? I have to add my own html breaks now, apparently.

PPS: Tomorrow it’s back to work after 6 days off (counting the weekend). I don’t mind too much, but can I please sleep in first?

PPPS: L is home safe.


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  1. Your (…) comments about the Trader Joe's sauces was cracking me up!

    I am thankful you do these photo projects … sorry if it's a drag for you though.

    Cute pic of L!

  2. Oh and PPPPS Yes, I'm not fond of the Blogger changes. Annoyish.

  3. Thanks, R! It's not that it's a complete drag–I like taking photos. I just don't care for having to remember one of a certain type each week. Especially when my theme is a bit vague (my fault).

  4. Blogger drives me nuts. I usually write posts in plain text mode and then alter in HTML mode as needed. :\

  5. We had a dragonfly just like that next to the orange/red one on the reed on Sunday! They must be cousins.
    Thanks for your photos, all!

    Love, Mom

    PS Brenda, I like your new pic!

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