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June 1, 2012

Did I mention I am on Instagram? I can’t remember if I’ve posted anything from it. Most of you are familiar, but if not, it’s just an app that you can install on your smartphone so that you can take photos, add little artsy/moody effects, and then Tweet or Facebook about them. It’s also [yet] a[nother] social network,  so you can also follow your friends who also use it, and their photos will show up in a little feed.

I’m GreengatePhoto if you use it and want to add me. Or you can just go look at my photos here. I don’t take all that many (yet).  (I have no idea why you can’t just go to to view photos…if anyone wants to enlighten me, please do.)

Anyway, here’s a screencap of some of my more recent photos…

From left to right, starting at the top row:

1. Walmart was giving out cloth bags today.
2. Some mashed potatoes and ham that I made.
3. A large slug (at the top, see?) at the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. I guess it’s slug season, and there were dozens out on the path, ranging in size from about 4 to 6 inches.
4. Some irises at work. I haven’t been very attentive to them this year, and didn’t even go to the iris garden (though it is still open).
5. Shrimp on the barbie at my parents’ house.
6. Every year my parents have a regular red dragonfly that flies around the pond, and pretty much every year I take lots of photos.
7. Some jasmine from my parents’ yard to make the guest room smell pretty.
8. On my drive down to CA last weekend it looked like this over the pass!
9. Delicious Padington’s pizza!
10. Colored popcorn at Target.
11. The tulip farm.
12. View to a coworker’s office. I try to wave to him when I pass on the path behind it, so I took a photo that day to show his daughter (a friend of mine).

Are you on Instagram?

Have a great Friday!


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  1. I'm not on Instagram. But I don't have a very smart phone either.

  2. I am not on Instagram because my phone is too old to be compatible with the program. 😛 I love that the bags have some local flavor! That's cool.

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