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Thankful Thursday

May 17, 2012

Yeah it’s been awhile blah blah blah.

1. Nice weather. I’m happy to put that on every one of my Thursday lists if it means its true! Loooooving the nice sunshine. Even if I don’t spend a lot of the day outdoors, just seeing it through the windows makes me a happier and more motivated person.

2. My car’s oil is changed. Glad to have that chore out of the way.

3. Free stuff. I got a set of nightstands for free the other day! How, you ask? From Freecycle. I’ve never even been on that site, but my coworker uses it and it was through him that I got the furniture. Possible photos to come, after I figure out how I want to use them.

4. Freezer burritos. I made this recipe (with some tweaking) the other day and am loving that these are easy and don’t seem to get soggy. I guess I always thought that would happen so I’d never made them for the freezer before.

5. Upcoming fun.Ā  I’m driving down to visit my parents soon–did I tell you? My friend is even able to carpool with me (to visit friends in the area), so I won’t have to make the 8-hour drive alone.

6. Upcoming fun part 2. My niece is coming to visit me next month!!

7. Beaver season. No, not for hunting! Sheesh. I just like it when it’s light enough that I can watch the beaver buddies pretty much any evening.

8. Padington’s Pizza. I just suddenly had a craving for them so I figure I’ll add them to my list. They are THE BEST. And their personal pizzas are a really good deal.

That’s all I’ve got. Sorry, R, it’s just 8. I know 10 is a more comfortable number for you! I’m just feeling a little blank. Padington’s was really just tacked on.

Okay fine! More tacking:

Ā 9. My Wii. I ā¤ it.

10. Cherry Zero Coke. I love it too much.

Wow, this list is pretty shallow. Oh well.. I’m living in a material world and I am a material girl. So what made you happy this week?


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  1. Phew! I thought you were so going to leave me hanging with 8 things there. I'm sooo glad you didn't. šŸ˜€

    I had a lot of happy this week — mostly surrounding recovery from illnesses and injuries, but there were lots of cuter moments in between. Our kids (and nieces) cute-me to death sometimes and I wish I was better about writing it down at the moment because I don't always remember later.

    Oh, E learned to say, “Stop.” She says it constantly. That one cracks me up. She says it even when she doesn't really want anyone to “stop” something. She just likes the word, I guess. Babies learning to talk is so fun.

  2. R – E is talking?! Wow, I guess I didn't even remember kids start talking at 9 months! Yeah I love hearing cute kid stories, so bring 'em on.

  3. Little beaver buddies! Yay!

    I like your thankful Thursday posts, keep 'em coming! : )

    Not much happiness for me to report this week, sorry : /

  4. Thankful for a beautiful week so I can wear my cute springy skirts. They just barely still fit.

    Thankful for getting to see an old coworker every day and both wanting to pray for something special

    Thankful for getting done with work early today and going to visit an old friend in her new house

    Thankful for the first week with a new housemate/guest… and she's lovely and helpful and fun to talk to

  5. I'm thankful for:

    “Thankful Thursday” posts.

    You coming to visit and having a companion with whom to pass the time.

    Beautiful weather.

    Dad and I getting to see a Giants game on Saturday.

  6. The list goes on…

    You crack me up, “material girl” šŸ™‚

  7. In my head, the material girl line was as delivered by Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer. šŸ˜€

  8. fayelle permalink

    Love that last photo!

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