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Portraits: Hollie (part 2)

May 15, 2012

More Hollie! I wasn’t happy with many of the purple flower* shots from the first shoot, due to the lighting. When I was expressing this to Hollie, she happily volunteered to put her dress back on and let me try again! I was more successful this time, I think.

Of course I tried a couple more in other locations, before it got too dark.

Have a great week!

*Bluebells, I think, but we have been referring to them as “the purple flowers.” They grow outside our office every year.


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  1. Wow, LOVE that sunset photo, even if Hollie's natural beauty and photogenic nature doesn't show as much. I also like the last one with the brick building in the background!

  2. Hollie is very nice to pose a 2nd time. You do such a beautiful job.
    Love, Mom

  3. Oh Dan, I saw these earlier and was so going to compliment the sunset one but I was in the middle of other things. So now here I am saying something and looking like the copycat. I thought it first!!

    So there.

    But all are beautiful and Mom's right, too, Hollie is a good person to get right back into the modeling game for your camera.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I tossed that sunset one in as kind of an afterthought to mix it up–glad you like it.

    R – You're such a copier!!

  5. fayelle permalink

    She is such a good friend to do this! And an excellent subject!

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