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Testing out the rental

May 3, 2012

At work we rented a Canon 5D Mark II and two lenses for an event where we need an extra set of equipment. It’s for me to use, so I excitedly practiced with it today to get to know how to adjust the settings, etc. This is the sort of camera I’d love to have one day, after I find a sugar daddy. It’s sooooo nice! The camera and lenses together are so different from my current little Rebel XSi. (In a way, it’s probably bad for me to use these nice cameras and feel more discontent with mine!)

I’ve noticed these nicer lenses and cameras tend to result in more vibrant photos.

How cute are these? I love spirals in nature.

These were interesting–all the leaves had a ripple on them.

We have the rentals for five days so I’m going to try and get a ton of use out of them! Stay tuned. 🙂

  1. What fun and I'll bet that camera has not been in better hands! Great pictures (I love spirals in nature, too) AND Bleeding Hearts!!

  2. The ripples in the leaves! I wonder if the blossoms come from inside the leaves or are they just leaf-flaws?? Especially enjoy the first photo of Dogwood blossoms.
    Love, Mom

  3. wow, awesome shots! Love the spirals in nature one… I do notice a difference. And yes, the Canon 5D Mark is my dream too.. oh, someday, maybe!

  4. Maybe you can give them back your camera, I'm sure they wouldn't notice the difference… ; )

  5. Great work, and renting cameras/lenses is always a great way to try out new gear and learn if you really want to buy it someday. When I talk to those wanting to get in to wedding photography I always encourage them to rent gear until they're completely sure they really want to follow that career path.

    While you've got the 5DM2 and since it can do incredible video as well, you might want to try doing a few 60 portraits of your friends… Here's Chase talking about his project, and a link to some of his long portraits:

    Two keys if you decide to give video a try… turn off image stabilization on the lens if you're using the in-camera microphone… it makes too much noise and you'll hear it in the video. And #2 … for the most part always shoot video with a tripod.

  6. Wow… the clarity and rich color…
    Just… wow…

  7. Wow, I'm way overdue on commenting back here.

    Thanks, everyone!

    Mom, I think it's just a leafy plant and that's one of its features. I don't know why!

    Dan, this is true. I sure didn't notice a difference. 😉

    Dan Dawson, I did read this comment several days ago and really appreciated the tips and meant to try the video. But I didn't get a chance, plus we actually have a Canon video camera at work. I don't remember which one, though. Good tip on wedding photography, as I think lots of people might *think* they want to do it until they actually do it. 😛 It's hard work. Which I know you know.

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