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Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

April 27, 2012

The other day I went to Woodburn for a work-related photo shoot. It didn’t occur to me until I was arriving that I should try and stop by the tulip farm before I left town. I hadn’t been in a couple of years, and going on a weekday is ideal (it’s so crowded on sunny weekends). I was grateful for the opportunity that lined up so perfectly with the work assignment and the peak of tulip season.

You would think a place so picturesque would be easy to photograph, but I have found that it’s really hard for me to get creative when I visit the tulip farm. I feel like all of my photos end up looking the same. The result is a lot of snapshot-quality photos that thousands of people have taken. Oh well, at least you’re getting a look at the place, if you’ve never been!

Hey, sexy.

I’d really love to take portraits here sometime. In fact, I was on the verge of asking strangers if I could photograph their kids. 😛 I just didn’t want to creep anyone out or make them think I was just trying to trick them into purchasing photos from me.

Cool how the focus of this photo is the ditch. Oh me and my mad skillz!

Gosh, there must be over two dozen tulips at this farm! Perhaps it’s in the triple digits!

The first time I visited this tulip farm was in 2006. It was raining and miserable, but I had driven all the way out and was determined to get some photos. (This sounds like a Pop Up Video fact.)

Back then it didn’t seem to be as big of a production as it is now. They’ve added so many tents, stands and kid attractions that it kind of annoys me, but it’s still nice to be able to see so many tulips at once. I think I’ll just stick with weekdays any time I visit in the future. It’s cheaper that way, too.

This one’s probably my fav.

Have you been to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm? What about another tulip farm? Tell us alllll about it.

This has been a very tulippy spring for me!


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  1. I love the tulip farm! I used to take my girls back in the 90's when it was just a farm and FREE. We would buy tulips, bring them home, measure their height and watch them grow. Plus the photo opportunities were awesome.

  2. Love these and I LOLed at Pop Up Video!

  3. This was a real highlight in my week, Jessica. Thank you for all the beautiful photos of my favorite flowers. I can't just pick one I love – they're all fantabulous. And not only were the flowers great — so was the sky! 🙂

  4. fayelle permalink

    Oh wow, these are stunning!! Those black/purple ones are the stuff of dreams. I'd LOVE to visit a tulip farm!

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful! You and the Tulips!
    Love, Mom

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