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Project 52 (39) + a little about my week

April 15, 2012

On Easter evening, I went out in hopes of seeing some beavers, but just saw a bunch of salamanders instead. There are lots of them at the edge of the lake. For some reason, I don’t think I’d ever seen a salamander until a year or two ago. I’m sure they are in California, but I don’t remember seeing any growing up. We were more likely to find pollywogs and crawdads.

For funzies, here’s a bit about how the rest of my week went.

I took Monday off work (I really think it should be a holiday anyway), and used part of the time to go back to Deepwood Estate and try out one of the work cameras/lenses. I have become so used to bringing my own [Canon] camera for work purposes that I feel like I’m re-learning Nikon. It’s worth it, though, because we now have some equipment that’s better than mine (even if it is Nikon ;)). It’s fun to use some fancier stuff, and I’m hoping to take it out for practice regularly over the next several months.

I was happy that a male hummingbird was flying around and showing his nice coloring, but I wasn’t super happy with my resulting images. I need some practice with that heavy lens.

Tuesday, I went out to do some practice shots for a work photo session I had the following day. Hollie helped me out with light tests, because she’s very cooperative about stuff like that.  (NOTE: I’m really looking forward to doing another portrait session with her soon–we’ll take advantage of her old prom dresses!)

It was such a nice day, that on our way down the path we saw this little guy sunning himself. Hollie was not thrilled, but I count it a lucky day when I manage to get a snake photo at work. I think that’s only happened about 4 times in the past 6.5 years of working there. Someday I’ll actually get a decent photo.

Friday morning, I had a creepy dream and woke up early, so I headed back out to see if there were any beavers. Typically I watch beavers from my deck, but I’m more determined to get a photo of them up close. My ultimate goal is a good photo while they’re fully out of the water.

I did end up seeing three beavers swimming around, and even getting slightly up on shore, but the photos aren’t so hot. I love my camera (although, yes, I’d like to upgrade), but I’m not exactly set up to photograph distant moving objects in a darkish setting (R, you might be able to relate ;)). I’m going to use the work camera and try again soon. Fingers crossed!

Every spring I get the renewed urge to travel. I took a month-long road trip around the US when I was 19, and so often I wish I could repeat it now that I’m into photography. Back then we just had a few film point-and-shoots. My daydream is to travel around taking tons of pictures, blogging regularly, and also stopping to see friends around the country to do portraits of them. I have several friends all over, due to moving, friends moving, online interaction, and college. It would be so fun. How can I make that happen?

Well, this is probably the most I’ve typed here in awhile. How are you? What are your traveling daydreams? (PS I also want to travel more outside of the US, but that’s another post.)

  1. Well you know I'm not much for traveling : ) We'll see what we can do about getting you that life though!

  2. Dan – Well, I don't mean I want to constantly be traveling for my life. I just meant I'd like to take another trip like that, and blog my way through it. You know I'm a homebody.

  3. I love your photos! 🙂

    A friend lent me her Canon DSLR yesterday, and it was so nice! I have camera envy now, but I'm also hesitant to commit to actually learning how to use such a camera to its full potential. Someday…

    My travel daydreams mostly involve Australia. 😉

  4. Thanks, Hannah! Yeah it's easy to get used to better and better equipment, which is what I'm feeling as I use the nicer lenses at work. There's always something better out there!

    Yes, it's nice that you have a place to stay for anytime you go out there. 🙂 Too bad the plane ticket is so expensive.

  5. I hope you can find a way to travel a bit! I know what you mean; I get wanderlust this time of year, too. I really would be up for going most anywhere, but within the US I'd like to go to westward–Arizona, California, the Pacific Northwest, etc. Outside the US…Italy, Greece, and the Middle East, and then the rest of the world.

    Where outside the US would you most want to go?

  6. Rachael, yes, it's amazing how predictable I am.. spring just brings out my need for a change of scenery.

    Outside the US, I would definitely like to see New Zealand and Australia. I'd also love to visit a few places in Italy that seem very picturesque. It's hard to separate photography from my travel desires these days, so my top choices are often related to what sorts of photos I might be able to take. Greece would also be nice. And it would be so fun to do a safari in Africa somewhere, and a nature photo shoot in Costa Rica (or somewhere similar) where they have crazy-awesome birds.

  7. My travel daydreams … hmm … sometimes when C has to travel for work, I think maybe I should get all brave and take the kids somewhere so we don't miss him as much. But somehow I think, nah … then I'll just miss him more! They're hard enough on my own around regular life and home. On the road they're always harder — even if he's with me. So then I do nothing. :/

    But one of these days, I'm gonna do it. And I'll blog about it. I've already made some good day trips — five hour round-trip day trips without C. I think I might be able to do an overnight if I just really pray for courage! 🙂 Or maybe when a couple kids move out first and then there are only like 2 or 3 instead of five to track.

  8. Wow! With Dad and I camping on the weekend and my babysitting the last 2 days (Leave home at 4:00am returning 7:00pm) I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs. You have so many interesting and beautiful photos.
    Thank you!
    Love, Mom
    PS Italy is beautiful! I wouldn't mind seeing more of it!

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