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Deepwood Estate: Hummingbirds

April 9, 2012

The other day I decided to go out and take pictures at Deepwood Estate (here in Salem, OR) and I was really excited to finally get some hummingbird photos where they are not eating from a plastic feeder. 🙂 Sorry for so many similar pictures, but I couldn’t seem to narrow them down any farther.


I also took some other bird and flower photos that I’ll be posting in the next few days. Have a great week!

  1. These are beautiful!! Great composition and colors.

  2. Wow, great stuff! I like the penultimate one the best. And that little green guy is very photogenic! You should let him know : )

  3. These are so beautiful!

  4. I agree. Great colors!

  5. I like the fourth photo. He's giving you his best profile! Hummingbirds are so much fun to watch!
    Love, Mom

  6. fayelle permalink

    Oh wow, these are some of the BEST hummingbird photos ever. Great color!

  7. Thanks, all!

    Dan, you're using confusing words! Penultimate? I can't remember what that means. 😀 But thanks.

    Thanks, Fayelle!

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