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Thankful Thursday

March 30, 2012

It’s been awhile since I did Thankful Thursday, hasn’t it? Or maybe my memory is failing me yet again. Anyway, here goes…

1. Getting organized. Lately I’ve had sudden bursts of motivation to clean and organize, and I’ve made pretty good progress on some things I had been neglecting. Like going through the Old Electronics and Cables Basket that has sat untouched for years, and bringing boxes for Goodwill down to my car.

2. Early productivity. Along the same lines, the other morning I woke up much earlier than necessary and suddenly found the energy to do some chores before work. (If you knew me, you’d know this is a miracle. I’m NOT a morning person.) It felt so awesome to come home to a very clean kitchen, freshly brewed iced tea and even a clean shower curtain.

3. Car cleanliness. I’m on a roll with these cleaning thankfuls! Recently I had the car wash do a little detailing on the front end that I had put off for years, thinking it would be too expensive. I won’t explain it all, as it’s kind of boring in text, but I’ll just say it was a huge relief to take care of this aspect of my car that has bothered me so long.

4. Birds! I put this birdseed thingy out on my deck like a week or two ago, but it had received no attention. Then the other day I noticed a chickadee eating away, and since then I have seen one there almost every time I look! They are so cute, and not really bothered by me standing at the door taking pictures. BONUS: Morning sun and a spider web!

5. Spring. It’s raining a lot, but we’ve had moments of sun and lots of birds and new things blooming all the time.

6. Trying new things. I successfully cooked steel-cut oats in the crockpot last night. I’ve never had steel-cut oatmeal, and I’ve never cooked any sort of oatmeal in my crockpot, but it worked to just cook it on the warm setting (as opposed to high or low) overnight. Oh and in case it’s not clear, that’s brown sugar in the shape of my heart teaspoon on top. (NOTE: I am not actually a big oatmeal fan, but I try it from time to time to check in with my taste buds. It doesn’t make me gag or anything, but it’s not my favorite breakfast.)

7. I have also managed to hard-boil eggs successfully. They are something I kind of forget about, but it’s been handy having them available for breakfasts, snacks and salads. (I feel like I should explain that the egg photo was taken with my cell phone.)

8. Taking pictures. It’s fun! The other night I had to take some for work, and I was happy to be there after hours and take advantage of having my camera on a tripod (I so rarely use one because they’re inconvenient for me). I need to do that more.

9. DrawSomething. Now, in addition to Words With Friends, I’m playing DrawSomething with several friends. Do you play?

10. Insight. I feel like I’ve gained a little on some faith-related matters, lately.

Birds are adorable.


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  1. Ok, heck yeah on all the bird pictures – so cute.

    Great job on cleaning!!!

    More to say, but gotta run to dance now…

  2. Love the picture you took at work! Great shot!

    Lots of good stuff in there to be thankful for, good post : )

  3. m2149801 permalink

    Have you seen this…
    I have never done very well at doing eggs in the pot (although yours look great) so wonder if this would be easier 🙂

  4. Wow! You are a busy lady.

    I love the little-cutie birds! Love the picture you took at work. Even the hard-boiled egg looks good.

    Thank you for an uplifting post.

    Love, Mom

  5. Thanks, commenters!

    m214 – No, I had not heard of using the oven for eggs! But I think I figured out a good system on the stove now. 😀 I'll check the link, though, because I'm curious.

    Mom, I'm not really all that busy. 🙂 I need to make better use of my time, and I just had a pretty good week of that!

  6. fayelle permalink

    Man are we all blessed by your photography!

    That spiderweb is very cool.

    Oh waterfalls… One of my all time fave photo subjects. Very pretty!

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