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Birds and snow

March 25, 2012

Here’s part two of my snow photos. Most of these aren’t really about the snow except that when the sun came out the day after it had snowed all day, it brought with it lots of birds and activity. It was so fun to take half an hour outside to enjoy them.

How adorable is it to see duck and bird tracks in the snow?!

This photo is here mostly for my amusement.

This was pretty exciting. Remember how these Violet-Green Swallows circle the lake, but it’s hard to catch them actually perching. Well, there was a branch extended over the water, and they kept resting there in my perfect view for lots of photos. I love these birds!

Unfortunately this little guy seemed hurt. 😦 He kept jumping and flying a few feet only to land again. He was on the other side of the fence. I made up a story, to console myself, where someone found him and took him in until he heals and then flies free again. πŸ˜€ Let’s pretend that’s what happened.

LOVE the little buggy eyes of the one on the right.

Just a funny catch that I thought I’d include.

This couple was quacking up a storm, suddenly, and then flew off frantically as another one was landing. Must’ve been a bully.

I’m hoping to do another redesign soon. I’ve been kind of sick this weekend and haven’t felt like working on it. Anyway, have a great week! I think I need some caffeine now.


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  1. Love these! I think my favorite is the one beneath the first duck picture. So cute.

  2. Thanks, Rachael!

  3. I love the little swallows and the chatting married mallards. I appreciate your humor on the little bird standing alone in the snow and the single mallard. I empathize with you and the story of the wounded swallow. Thanks for the bird show in the snow! Love, Mom

  4. Mallards sure are picturesque aren't they? Great pic. I love the little tracks too, that's a really neat shot.

  5. These bird pictures are so much fun! Love the chatty ducks and the cuddling swallows. All the swallow pics are super! And the footprints in the snow are so cute. πŸ™‚

  6. I've never seen duck prints in the snow before. They are ADORABLE. πŸ™‚

  7. fayelle permalink

    I just love birds in snow! The tracks are fantastic!

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