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Some ducks

March 15, 2012

I thought I’d post a few photos from the past week or so. It’s been very ducky out in the lake!

For instance, there are many wood ducks, and they’re even swimming closer and not as skittish as usual! So I’ve gotten some decent shots.

Married ducks.

Talking duck.

A couple of Common Mergansers in front of wood ducks.

I even saw this female Hooded Merganser the other day! That’s only the second time I’ve seen this type. I’ve never seen them put their hood up, though. (Sorry that photo is horrid.)

Don’t forget about the mallards! Actually, last week I saw two males that were somehow attached.. I don’t know if there was a string, or what, but they couldn’t swim farther than about one foot apart. It was sad. These are NOT those ducks, but at first I thought maybe they were.

A ring-necked duck that came nice and close for me.

Also, the violet-green swallows are back. They rarely perch, and you have to be quick to catch them. Later I’ll get closer photos.

The cormorants still hang out on this tree. One or two of them at a time.

And even though it snowed (!) again yesterday, spring is coming.

And I still cook things, and sometimes take food photos. This was a hot bean dip that I got from Kathy’s blog. I made a half-batch and used it as a burrito filling and sometimes on rice (it lasted several meals, obviously!). It was delish! Though I forgot the olives.

Then I baked some snickerdoodles.
Have you made any delicious recipes lately? Seen any interesting birds? Those two topics go together so well.. maybe if you made a duck dish, it would be perfect. (And kind of sad.. don’t cook wood ducks. :()


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  1. Duck,duck,duck…….goose! Just kidding! I like that ring necked one! His little beak is cute! The hooded one is cool too! I don't think I've seen one of those before! Yum, the snicker doodles make me think of V. Mars.

  2. Dania: Ha! I hate that game. I hate games that are about speed.

    That's funny you say that because I always think of Veronica Mars in relation to snickerdoodles, and that episode is what made me crave fluffy/soft ones and find the perfect recipe awhile back. There are other recipes where they are chewier and I like these fluffier ones (although these didn't turn out quite as fluffy as usual).

  3. Great pictures of the Wood Ducks!!!
    I like the “married” ones.
    Side note: I saw a flock of American Coots in the canal that runs parallel to George Washington Blvd. Funny I never noticed them before our trip to the reserve.
    Love, Mom
    PS Who is Veronica Mars?

  4. Mom – Thanks! Oh that's funny about the Coots.. I had seen them before, but only when swimming, so I never knew what they really looked like. And never as many as we saw the other day. Veronica Mars is just a character on a TV show. 🙂 There's one episode where she makes these big, fluffy snickerdoodles.

  5. The plate! The plate! 🙂

    Anywhen… your duck pictures mock me and our trip to the Bosque Del Apache. I guess they'd all flown back north. *sigh*

    But they are good pictures, don't get me wrong.

    And you're making me crave snickerdoodles so bad right now. And bean dip. And burritos. Maybe I need a snack.

  6. Love the first and third pics! They're so sharp! Lots of colorful detail, very cool.

  7. I like the talking duck! and your newish blog look 🙂
    We're supposed to get snow tonight.

  8. fayelle permalink

    Those ducks have such striking colors… I've never seen ones with such definition. Very cool!

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