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Wedding: Holly and Keidrick

February 28, 2012

Holly was one of (if not the very first) my first friends when I moved to Oregon, and later we were roommates for a little over a year before she moved to Colorado. She is a godly, beautiful and caring woman who I am blessed to know. I was honored to be her wedding photographer, and it renewed my respect for the excellent wedding photographers out there. It’s way harder than it looks!

Holly and Keidrick were introduced by a mutual friend. I had not met Keidrick before this visit, but he seems like a great guy. I’m very happy for Holly, and of course Keidrick is a lucky man. Here is a small sampling from the many photos of the day.

Getting ready…

I don’t know about you, but I like seeing how wedding hair is done.

Holly and Keidrick opted to see each other before the ceremony so we could do some of the portraits beforehand. This is when they saw each other for the first time that day.

They were married in the unique and lovely Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel in Colorado Springs.

We had a few minutes for some outdoor portraits after the ceremony. Oh how I love natural light!

I had to include this photo since I spotted these deer on the Academy grounds on my way to the reception. 😀 You know how I love deer sightings.

Time for the reception!

It was a beautiful wedding and day (even the weather cooperated!). Congratulations, Holly and Keidrick!


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  1. I got to have a sneak preview of these, which was so fun! But seeing them again, I'm awed by your talent. These are beautiful. I feel like I was there to celebrate with them. You have an eye for details that is wonderful. The shoes, for example. I'd never think of something like that … and yet, it's so perfect. H & K should be honored to have you as their wedding photographer. I hope you'll still be available to do weddings when our children marry! 🙂

  2. These are all beautiful! And I was especially interested because it was a military wedding. 😉 I wish I could've had one but Andrew wasn't active duty at the time.

  3. R – Thank you! I can't take credit for detail–shoe photos are very common/trendy in wedding pictures today. 🙂 I've seen enough sets of them on blogs to know. But thank you for your nice words!

    Sarah – Thanks! Yeah the military aspect added some fun photo ops.

  4. VERY nice! What a lovely couple, and a great job you did capturing their day!

  5. We most definitely were honored to have Jessica – she did an amazing job and made it fun and comfortable. Thanks Jessica – you are a wonderful, dear friend and amazing photographer!

  6. If I wasn't such a strong woman, and totally unemotional (wink) I would be bawling right now. Holly in case you read this: WOW. That's all. Props to you Jessica.

  7. These are BEAUTIFUL!! And so is Holly. You did a fantastic job!

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Best wishes, Holly! Keidrick looks like a very nice man. You both make a beautiful couple.

    I love the way you interspursed the black-and-white photos with the color, Jessica. Very lovely memories of their day. Love, Mom

  9. Beautifully done! I love that chapel; it's so cool and beautiful too.
    How do you pronounce his name?

  10. Thank you very much, commenters! You're so nice!

    Samantha, it's pronounced with a long e like “keedrick” 🙂

  11. Fantastic!

    My favorite shot is where H is leaning back into K's embrace. Blow that one up and frame it! 🙂

    The ceremony looked wonderful, too. 🙂 Swords! 🙂

  12. So many good pictures! Nice job Jessica! My favorites are the first B&W at the reception (love Holls' candidness there), and the last couple, but there were tons of other great ones.

    And you KNOW I'm all about seeing how the wedding hair is done!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    Wow! These are amazing. The colors are so vibrant and you look like you had some fun taking them too. You got some really good shots. I think you caught the best of everything.
    I do like the shoes, but because she didn't chose the traditional white or black. I like the idea of just some other color. 🙂

  14. fayelle permalink

    These ate fantastic!! You did a really wonderful job. They're a great looking couple and what a beautiful day!

  15. Love the pictures – Makes you feel like you're there. Congrats to Holly and Keidrick!

  16. Thanks to the rest of you who commented!

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