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Thankful Thursday

January 27, 2012

This week I’ve been thinking about some of the recent good things, and I knew I should’ve written them down but I just kept thinking I’d surely remember. (How dumb am I?) And now, of course, I can’t remember. Hopefully they’ll come to me as I compile this list.

1. My immersion hand blender. I love that thing! I got it for Christmas and have used it so much.

2. Friends who drive me to and from the airport. It seems like I often have an upcoming flight and I’m needing yet another ride. Even when the times are incredibly inconvenient, my friends are always so willing to help me out. They never complain or seem put out–they even say they enjoy it! (It’s over an hour to get there, so it’s not a quick trip.) I have a handful of people I can ask so that there is always someone available, and they have saved me the money of parking my car at the airport, and the extra time it takes to park and catch the shuttle. THANK YOU, FRIENDS! And I owe some of you an email about who “won” the upcoming rides. 😀

3. It’s getting lighter later. It seemed like the dark drives home from work were very few this year, even though I know it’s about the same every year. But now it is still a little light when I drive home, and it really makes a big difference in my mood as I leave work.

4. No cavities! I had a dentist appointment after not having one for two years (hey, I don’t have dental insurance!). I was certain I’d need some dental work, but I’m apparently not as knowledgeable about teeth as my dentist!

5. My cross street is open again. Over the summer, the main road I take out of my neighborhood was closed for two months while they rebuilt a bridge. Every day I felt annoyed to have to take the more complicated route, and I was so glad when it was finished! Then, last week during the flooding, it was closed again due to the creek that likes to overflow. It was only closed about a week, but I missed it and was very glad when it was open again.

6. Words With Friends. Have I already mentioned this in Thankful Thursday? If so, oh well. I really enjoy having a game I can play with several friends. It’s just a little way to connect and exercise the brain, but it’s very entertaining. My mom and I play, and I like that we have regular contact through a game that she taught me years ago (in the form of Scrabble, of course). (If any of you want to play WWF with me, I’d love to play! My username is GreengatePhoto.)

7. Tax season. I know that it won’t always be a time I welcome with open arms, but for now it means a refund! I’m anxiously awaiting my W-2s. And a sub-thankful: my life is simple enough that doing my taxes very manageable. I don’t own a home and I’m unmarried and childless, so it’s all pretty straightforward.

8. Comments on my blog. Thanks, all of you who comment! I love it, and I’m sorry I’m not very quick to respond. I’ll try to do better.

That’s all I have. There’s no rule that I have to do 10.

What’s something good from your past week or so?


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  1. I'm glad about your road opening back up! Yay for that!

    Rona is totally addicted to Words With Friends, you should play her sometime! (I'll have to find out what name she's under).

    I'm thankful this week for Starbucks Iced Tea(double sweetened) and that I'm getting a new cell phone next week(I think an Iphone!)

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I, too, am thankful for Words With Friends! I was just thinking how I enjoy taking a little break every few hours to use my brain for something different. (And I'm learning new words, even though I am an “old dog”.) Love, Mom


    I too am thankful for playing WWF and being able to connect to friends a little bit. There must be a reason so many people play it!

    You do have a very good set of friends there, you're very lucky : )

  4. I feel so … incomplete. 8?!!


    I'll live.

    I guess. 😐

    Those berries made me so want a smoothie. Good picture!

    I don't have a SmartPhone, so I can't WWF with you, though I'd love to. I'd love a SmartPhone, too, so I could save more money NOT printing coupons and just using my phone to be scanned. But alas, it is not my season for SmartNess.

    When I was reading, I felt like there was something else I meant to comment on, but now I can't remember. So I'll leave you with this lengthy and nearly pointless comment. Enjoy it.

    Really, really.

  5. We have the same immersion blender!

    Yay for no cavities, and everything else on your list. 🙂

  6. Dania – Well, tell Rona my username and she can invite me to a game if she'd like–that would be fun! 🙂 Awesome that you're getting a new phone–then we can play!

    Mom, you're not an old dog!!

    Dan, yes, I'm very rebellious.

    R – Dan plays WWF with just an iPod Touch! I know you said yours was too old, but his isn't exactly new. You should try it!

    Rachael – I know, you're the one who told me about that blender! 🙂

  7. Oh, I told you about the blender? Ha ha! That makes perfect sense then! I'm glad you like it!

  8. Fayelle permalink

    I LOVE immersion hand blenders! Pretty sure I had the same one you have. Did not love mine completely dying on me a few months ago. But I REALLY used the heck outta mine, so it's ok.

    I like playing you in WWF! We have great games.

  9. Fayelle – I like playing you too! You're one of my favorite opponents–I always feel more proud when I can actually win you. 😛

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