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Christmas vacation pictures

January 4, 2012

Hi there. Happy New Year! That exclamation point is really fake, because let’s just put it this way: today was not an exclamation point kind of day. But now it’s my favorite time (evenings at home) and everything is going to be okay. πŸ™‚ <–Also somewhat fake.

I spent New Year’s Eve with friends. I happened to take only one photo with my cell phone, and it’s definitely not worth sharing. I guess I wasn’t feeling the whole photography thing that night, but it’s nice to put the camera aside sometimes. I enjoyed playing games and hanging out with awesome girls. The evening seemed to go pretty quickly. One minute we’re playing Balderdash, then suddenly it was time to watch Lady Gaga in Times Square and toast in the new year over peach sparkling cider.

But enough about that. I actually have some Christmas photos to show you. Nothing amazing. I kind of forgot them. I also owe this blog my Project 52 photos, but that’ll be later.

My mom set out this picture in the guest room for when I arrived. πŸ˜› She’s funny. As you can read, it’s a picture I made when I was 10, and because my name was on it, it made it safely home after a dramatic kidnapping. Man, that would’ve made an awesome episode of COPS!

This was hilarious–these finches were drinking from my mom’s hummingbird feeders!

My mom and I took a drive near the Sutter Buttes to get some pictures. It was a really nice evening and great weather for December.

At sunset everything was vibrant.

I forgot to share a recipe here, but maybe I’ll link you to a few recipes in a later post. Ooooooooooooooooooookay bye.

  1. Very nice! The finch picture is so funny!

  2. That cop story cracks me up!!

  3. Love the pics out at Sutter, especially the one with the lone bird.

    I love how your mom memorialized the story on the back of the picture : )

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Regarding the finches at the hummingbird feeder: I've already had to refill the feeder twice since you were here. I guess they like hummingbird food! Adorable picture. Love, Mom

  5. LOVE the sunset shot with the grass in the foreground. not sure why I like it so much but I like it SO MUCH! πŸ™‚

    The famous picture is hilarious. how exciting to make your mark on history.

  6. Mom, yeah who knew? I guess you could just put bowls of sugar water out there and see how many birds come drink it!

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