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Project 52 (26)

December 19, 2011

The beavers have started on a couple of new trees. I’ll have to keep an eye on them. In the background is the beaver lodge.

I’m a little late to post this because of computer issues I’ve been having all weekend. But I think I’ve figured out the problem and have a temporary fix until someone smarter can look at it. I’m so happy to sit here at my computer and not have it freeze up on me every 10 minutes!

This picture shows both the beaverized trees.

Happy week before Christmas!


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  1. It makes me feel bad for the trees but I suppose they don't kill that many! and I know they often take out trees that are dying or crowded anyway.

    Want to see my Project 52 post?

  2. I love your seasonal topper up there! The beaver trees are cute, too, but I was more drawn to the redesign of your page! 🙂 Very cute.

  3. Shann permalink

    Beavers are cute! It's something I would like to see myself too.

    – Shannn

  4. Wow, very cool pics! I guess you'll be hearing some loud splashes pretty soon ; )

    It's kind of weird to think about beavers taking down tress like that…I mean, I know it happens but to actually see it is very interesting.

  5. Cool! I used to collect “beaver sticks” (chewed by beavers) in the creek next to my house growing up.

  6. Samantha – Yeah, we kill way more trees than beavers do. 😀 It's all part of the circle of life!

    R – Thanks! I just realized the other day that mine was still fally, and also that it didn't have a title on it.

    Shanster – Yes, they are cute. 🙂 Like chipmunks!

    Dan – Thank you. I know, it's weird. I'm not sure if they'll actually take down the whole tree–they have started a few others that were never finished. I'm not sure why that happens.

    Jonathan – Sounds like you had a fun place to grow up! I know you mentioned running around in forests before.

  7. Fayelle permalink

    Woah, that's some serious chewing.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Those are definately large trees.
    Great pics! Love, Mom

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