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November 3, 2011

I guess this is like the opposite of a Thankful Thursday post.

1. Google Reader. They changed their whole look, and that’s fine I guess, but in the process they changed where the “previous/next post” button is. I’m STILL bringing my cursor down to the bottom of the screen and then getting all angry when I remember it’s up at the top right now. Why, Google? WHY??

2. Google+. Speaking of Google, I haven’t been able to use Google+ (Google Plus?) in months. They suspended my account because my name wasn’t the format they wanted. I changed it, but it’s still just suspended indefinitely. It says it’s “under review” like it’ll get fixed soon, but nothing has changed in almost three months. I can’t post anything there. I wasn’t hooked on it anyway, and I’m tempted to deactivate, but it just makes me annoyed that it happened at all and that they don’t provide any way to clarify or fix the situation.

3. Target. Yes, I’m about to complain about Target, even though I love it. Two things really annoyed me the other day. One was the fact that a woman was boldly walking her dog around on a leash, and at least three employees saw her but said nothing. I’m not talking about a seeing eye dog, it was a small terrier or something. Is it suddenly okay to walk your dog around inside stores?

4. Target 2. This is something that has bothered me many times, but I was reminded the other day. When you see that yellow “low price” (or some other wording) tag hanging off the shelf like there’s a sale, often you can scoot it over to reveal the original price underneath. And often that original price is EXACTLY THE SAME as the “low price.” I know what they’re doing–they’re trying to draw attention like there is some deal and you should stock up, but in reality they have done nothing but spend time and money hanging tags on the shelves in order to trick you. Other times you might see it say “Price Cut,” and if you look at the original price, it might be literally 2 or 4 cents more. I have a photo to prove it (but can’t find it right now, sorry). I don’t like it when businesses try to trick you. Target is also known for their fluorescent red-orange clearance stickers. They draw the eye, but often you’ll see the “clearance” price is less than a dollar off the original price. That’s not clearance, Target. Don’t insult me.

5. Putting a long-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved shirt. It gets all twisted on the arms. As my coworker would say, it whomps.

6. The holiday season. Yes, I know this is going to sound totally grinchy, but every year I have less and less patience for the extended festivities and obligations that come with the holidays. I have nothing against the holidays themselves (of course not!), but the pressure we have to deal with is ridiculous. The stores start carrying Christmas decor before Halloween, but by November 1 they are in full-blown Christmas mode. There are constant messages around us to buy presents for everyone, spend lots of money, attend (and host) many parties when things are already hectic, listen to Christmas music 24/7, and go to great lengths to get together with relatives when flying is expensive and road conditions are iffy. I guess I just wish everyone would calm down. We should remember and celebrate Jesus’s birth, for sure. But the other stuff should be for enhancing the season, not burning us out.

7. My pride. It’s out of control sometimes. I can be less-than-loving in how I talk to people when I am looking out for myself.

Okay, I think that’s enough grouchiness for today.

In good news, it’s been sunny (even if cold) and I’m just so thankful (again) for free evenings. With work being stressful at times, they are my happy section of the day that I can look forward to. Also, there should be a new episode of Ringer ready for me to watch online! Yes, I’ve been watching Ringer. My taste in TV shows is impeccable.

(Those photos were taken with my phone and edited in Picplz. That’s why they’re kind of odd.)

  1. A grinchy post is good now and then. It cleanses the soul and purges the whompy feelings that otherwise fester in your gut. I'm glad to hear that you have some things that are bugging you and that you're dealing with them. And I loved that frosty leaf picture at the end especially. The Picplz pictures *are* strangely formatted, but I think like Instagram (or whatever it's called for iPhone people) it's trying to be artsy, but may be trying a little too hard. I mean, if we wanted our pictures to look like they were taken in the early 70s, why did we go to all this trouble making better cameras and digital “film”? I don't know. That's a little vent of my own. Don't feel like you can't post PicPlz pics – I like all your pictures and I like you. It's just a weird thing that seems to be happening in the world of photography and cell phones lately that I guess I just don't get. Maybe because I don't have a smart phone and so I'm just envious. Not that I want one. I'm fine with my old rotary-dial cell phone (ha – as if that's what I have). Okay, so here I am rattling on again on your blog. Feel free to add extra long comments to your future vent-lists. I won't be offended. πŸ™‚

  2. R – you're glad to hear I have things bugging me? 😦 Also, I did apply the particular effects to the photos, but I think it's because they are there and I feel almost wrong just publishing the photos as is in that program. Yes, it's like the Android version of Instagram, but apparently not as good. And I just talked about that exact thing of how funny it is that it's popular to look like your camera is crappy. I think sometimes it's cool, but other times it's like the picture whomps but people are all in awe because it looks really old. So the photographer didn't really do anything magnificent! I was also talking about how so many people rely on their cell phone for their main camera and it makes me sad to think of a person's baby photos all being on a cell, hence my whining to you about getting “real” photos of E. And “whompy feelings?” Ha! Cracked me up.

  3. I wish Christmas waited until after Thanksgiving, because I really like Thanksgiving, and the full experience of fall colors BEFORE Christmas and winter sets in. It makes Christmas more special… to WAIT for it… you know.

    OH BABY… Let's have an OCCUPY THANKSGIVING! or an Occupy Sanity. Dude, I'm totally starting a movement, and it's all thanks to you!

  4. Tina, I think you're saying you want to move to Canada! Isn't their Thanksgiving on October 1st? And you're so welcome! πŸ˜‰

  5. Google Reader is bugging me too..but I think I'll be okay in a few days.

    I haven't even ventured toward Google+ yet…but maybe I'll just avoid it all together. I already have enough social media related things that I can't seem to keep up with well.

    It's sad for me to see complaints about Target…but I have a problem with the dog thing too. I saw a lady carrying a dog around the grocery store, even in the produce area! It was bugging me big time.

    Oh! And I've never slid the little thing over to see what the original price of the item was.I'm going to have to do that next time I see a sale. That seems ultra deceptive! Shame on you Target, even though you are still my “Happy Place”.

    I love the holidays, but the excess always makes me a little bit crazy. Who really has the money to be buying so much stuff? Especially when I start seeing the luxury car commercials with the big red Christmas bows, major eye roll.

    It feels like an explosion as soon as October hits. Can't we just enjoy each holiday one at a time?

    These are my rules:

    Don't even show me anything related to Thanksgiving until November 1st(Fall items are okay…but not Turkey/Thanksgiving related)…and then..I don't want to see a single Christmas related ANYTHING until after Thanksgiving has come and gone.

    I don't want my Christmas and Thanksgiving intermingling with my Halloween time!!!

  6. I agree with what all are saying here about Google Reader, dogs in stores, and the holiday season. I walked into Target yesterday and was literally confused by all the Christmas stuff. Wait, isn't it still September…?

  7. When I said I was glad … I just meant, it's good to know you're human. πŸ™‚ I relate to humans better than perfect, too-happy people. Also, humans who share their real feelings about stuff are good, too. It was a compliment – not a stomping on your ego thing. I promise.

  8. Dania – I agree with your celebration timeline! And I don't want to hear anything about Christmas after midnight on December 26th. πŸ˜›

    R – I think you know very well I'm human and the opposite of one of those perfect, too-happy people. πŸ˜› You didn't need this post to prove it. And I didn't take it as a stomping on my ego (how would I?). I was just kind of teasing about how it sounded. “I'm glad some things bother you!”

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Wow!!! I think that just about covers everything. Love, Mom
    PS Do you feel better, now?

  10. Tessa permalink

    I so so hear you about Target. I have noticed all those things too and was equally annoyed. I also totally feel you about holiday season and the hoopla of it all.

  11. I'm totally with you on the holiday thing. And they are already playing Christmas music in the stores; full time here!! UGH. I'm not much into Christmas anyway but I love Thanksgiving and I hate how every year it is hardly noticed or mentioned. (So it seems)

    I'm not thrilled with GOOGLE+ but at least I figured out how to customize it to make it a little better on my eyes.

    I like the photos but I think I'm more fond of the Instagram style.

  12. Thanks for understanding, Tessa and Samantha!

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