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October 1, 2011

Bonus Saturday post!

Happy October to you and you and you! This is my favorite month, so I had to go back and grab some of my photos from Octobers past. Most of these have not been in my blog before.

First, I must wish Nicole Kelly a very happy birthday. That’s my Cabbage Patch Kid! For some reason I always remember her birthday is October 1st, and now she should be turning about 27. Yes, I adopted her when I was at the tender age of 8, on Christmas Day. She came to me as Henreika Kelly, but obviously I had to change that name. What were her biological parents thinking? I have no photos, but this is what she looked like. Now she’s living in California, singing in a band somewhere. It’s hard to keep up with that girl.

Some of the great things about October: colored leaves, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, pumpkin deliciousness, MY BIRTHDAY, apple-y things, the Balloon Fiesta in NM, some of the weather, harvesty things, the fact that it’s not yet the full-blown holiday season, and memories (and hopes!) of changes and happy events that took place in October. For instance:

  • I interviewed for my current job on October 17th in 2005. That day I was offered the job and it meant I’d be moving to Oregon!
  • I moved into a previous apartment with my first roommate (not counting one in a dorm) in October of 2007. (Hi, Holly!)
  • I moved into my current place (which I love!) on October 10th two years ago.
  • I met one of my very good friends on October 23rd of 2007.
  • The first time I ever met someone I had originally met online was October 30th many, many, many moons ago.

What changes does October have for me this year? I’m curious. (Hopefully it’ll be a lot better than last October.)

Tell me some happy Octobery things!Β 

Is your birthday this month?Β 

Your anniversary?

Have a nice day!


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  1. Yay! I love October, it's one of my most favorite months! I love that the leaves will be changing, and that it will start to get cooler outside. I also love Halloween!

    Funny about your cabbage patch doll having the same birthday month that you do. Mine had a December 1st birthday, her name was Tabitha…but I forget her middle name. She's not living quite as exciting of a life that Nicole Kelly is. Tabitha is living inside a Rubbermaid container over in my storage unit.

  2. Ha! What's Tabitha's middle name?

    I have to confess: Nicole is not living that exciting life. If she is still existing in my parents' garage, she is without at least one leg. It's really depressing, so I kind of lie about it and say the band thing. :/ I even send myself postcards to make it look like she's still in touch with me.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    You don't remember? Nicole is living with L. She has a new arm and a new dress. I'll send you a picture. I love October, too. Mostly because I love the color orange, which seems to be a predominate color in that month. I, also, love the change to autumn. (All my children and my husband were born in the autumn.) Every one of your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Love, Mom

  4. Mom, I totally forgot that! It sounds vaguely familiar, like you probably told me last year that same thing and I forgot it. All I remember is her missing a leg, which was obviously an arm, and looking horrendous. Yes, please send the photo so I can post it!

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  5. See…just as I thought! Nicole is living a pretty good life if she's with L and not in a container. She even gets to travel…she is a fortunate little one.

    Tabitha is completely intact..she still has her cute little pink glasses too. I need to come up with a new middle name for her…because I don't think even she can tell me what it was.

  6. I love October — at least till the leaves all fall down — and I love this beautiful fall-y post. I'm glad ABQ Balloon Fiesta is a fun memory for you for October. Feel free to visit during any future Fiesta time (or any other time). It's always good seeing you. I don't have a birthday in October, but am already “well” into my next year on earth, so I guess that's good — surviving and all. πŸ™‚ And of course, we celebrate (or barely remember – it depends on the year) our 1/2 anniversary in October. Ha. This month will be 19-1/2 years for us — hard to believe, right? Yes, we are old. You don't need to remind me. My mirror reminds me every day.

    So now that I've blogged a bunch in your comment box … I guess I should toodle-oo back to my table where I'm doing some lesson planning for this next week in school. I'm trying to keep the schedule a little bit light so we have plenty of time to chase balloons each morning — our funnest part of the school day this time of year. The kids are in a competition for getting the most collectable balloon cards. It's good to teach them basic social skills and pushes shyer kids out of their comfort zone if they want to win. Plus, something to do after chasing down various balloons to whatever desert place they've landed in. Lots of off road driving, for sure. πŸ˜€ Fun!

    Okay, back to work for realsies. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for the bonus post!!

  7. mariel permalink

    I love October too! I do love the changing colors, which I was never able to experience in California. I also love halloween, which happens to be my husband's birthday. Another reason I like October is by then, I usually have a system going for the school year.

    Keep posting, Jess. Loving your pics.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Hello Jessica
    I have been stalking or is lurking a better term since your Dad shared your blog with me. Honestly, I was never blessed with a cabbage patch doll and here in hawaii the trees really don't lose their leaves or change color but, the color orange has been your Moms favorite as long as I've known her. Although I only get to see your mom every few years I think of her often and her love of the color orange. As far as October stories…for me it's baseball playoffs and a very famous ball player nicknamed MR. OCTOBER, Reggie Jackson. He was on the Oakland A's when I was a kid and he was bigger than life.

  9. Huh, I met one of my very good friends on October 23, 2007 also! Quite a coincidence!

    I don't know what ever happened to my Cribbage Patch Doll : (

  10. I love this post! πŸ™‚

  11. Hmm, October really isn't my favorite month of the year but I do love the fact that it means beautiful Autumn colors for us!

    No birthdays but Mom's sister is coming to visit us! We are VERY excited!

  12. Dania, I think she's trying to tell you it's Dorcas! πŸ˜€ You know Tabitha/Dorcas in the Bible. πŸ˜›

    Rochelle, wow that's quite a comment! You could make it into a blog post! I definitely want to come back to the balloon fiesta and maybe see anything I missed before (like the first mass ascension), and see some things over again, like the fireworks show!

    Oh yes, I often remember my half-birthday on your anniversary, but then I'm lame about remembering your half-anniversary. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Mariel! Thanks for commenting! I forgot John's birthday is 10/31, but I think you've mentioned that. I kind of like Halloween too, even though it's not very popular to like in Christian circles. πŸ˜› I just like the festivities!

    Hey Rob, thanks for reading my blog! I am deeply sorry you never had a Cabbage Patch Kid of your own. It sounds like your life has a missing piece! Yes, we all associate Mom with orange! And I definitely appreciate orange more knowing she loves it. I didn't realize Reggie's nickname was Mr. October.. or I forgot. That's cool, since it's the best month. πŸ™‚

    Dan, do you want someone to buy you another Cabbage Patch Kid? I can put it on my list for your Christmas present!

    Thanks, Brenda!

    Samantha, it doesn't have to be your favorite, but I was just wondering what people like about it. πŸ™‚

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