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Thankful Thursday

September 16, 2011

Yesterday, my coworker told me about a wasp nest near our office. I took some pictures with the work camera, but wasn’t happy with them since the lens wasn’t great. I made a point to bring my own camera today so I could use my telephoto lens.

I was having a bit of a grouchy morning (mostly my bad attitude, I’m sure), and decided to grab my camera and take some nest photos. As I was walking there, I saw two striped tails bobbing along. I realized they were raccoons and tried to get some photos of them retreating. I was so glad to have my long lens all ready to go, but was a little bummed that I had just missed a closer shot.

But then they must’ve heard someone coming from the other side, because they turned around and ran toward me! I was snapping photos like crazy.

Then they realized I was there and stopped and seemed a little uncertain about where they should go. This gave me the perfect opportunity to get some sharper photos, as they were an ideal distance away and facing me.

🙂 🙂 🙂

I was sooooo happy for this encounter, and as silly as this might sound, I feel like it was a present from God. He knows I love seeing animals in the wild–it always turns my mood around. And what are the chances I’d cross paths with these two raccoons in the middle of the day in the few minutes when I left my office? AND have the right lens on my camera? AND, as Tina pointed out, have the perfect lighting? AND that they would run closer to me and stop and face me for photos? I love that. It’s so rewarding to get decent wildlife photos when the sightings are few and far between. (I know some of you probably see raccoons a lot and even hate them, but the only other time I’ve seen them in real life was in Texas, in some trees.)

So that was my happy morning. 🙂

Here’s another photo of the wasp nest from the other side. Doesn’t it look like a head/face? And there’s a wasp going into the mouth.

And earlier this week we had an orange moon!

What were your happy moments this week?

(By the way, do my photos take forever to load up? I don’t always remember to change the resolution and I’m wondering if that’s okay or not.)

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  1. Oh my goodness adorable raccoons are adorable! (my brother Tain loved these pictures, too).

    And your moon shots made me think of the movie 'The Kid': “why does the moon look kind of orangey sometimes?”

  2. I love the raccoon pictures! How cool that you were able to get them.

  3. Not a reflection of your photography skills but that wasps nest kinda makes me sick to my stomach. I might have nightmares now! lol!

    Cute raccoon pics!

  4. Oh dear, oh dear, those raccoons are too cute!

    The wasp nest is cool…

    And the moon…awesome!

  5. 😀 These are all so awesome!!! I actually think the wasp nest is kind of beautiful. It looks like it's made from fabric strips.

  6. Jessica, These are awesome! Great job!

  7. Anonymous permalink

    I love the racoon pictures. I especially love that your whole mood was changed by being able to photograph them. (A “God thing”) The wasp nest is so interesting. Are there leaves connected to the nest? I think your moon is a harvest moon. Beautiful! Love, Mom

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Oh yes! Your header is new. Or haven't I been very observant? That looks autumny. I like it.
    Love, Mom

  9. What a happy set of pictures! That makes me happy this week for sure! Thank you.

    Other happy moments can be found recorded on my blog. 🙂 I won't waste your comment space here repeating myself.

  10. Thanks for the nice comments, all!

    Danielle – Thanks for sharing them with your brother. 🙂

    Emily – Oh, sorry to hear that!

    Brenda – Yeah, it's pretty interesting. It made me look up how they are made and stuff (though I didn't get a ton of information on the actual process or how long it takes, just what it is and how they make it).

    Thanks, Unknown! Who are you? 🙂

    Mom, thanks! I think it's attached to leaves so they are sticking out of it. It's kind of weird, and it's so high up it's hard to tell exactly how it's hanging and stuff.

    Mom, you're very observant! I just changed it yesterday shortly before your comment!

    Thanks, R! Yes, I've been following!

  11. How cool is that? The raccoons are incredibly cute 🙂 It was definitely a gift to get such good shots of them.

    And the moon; I love those shots!

  12. I think the wasp nest is cool.

  13. ooh, I love these photos! Wow!

  14. Thanks, Samantha an HCH!

  15. The raccoons were awesome! That moon photo was also pretty neat, similar to the super moon from a few months ago.

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