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Portraits – my niece, N

September 4, 2011

We’ve come to the last of this series with little N, who is 4 (and a half) and enjoys killing people with cuteness. I should warn you that her post is going to have a lot more photos than the other nieces and nephews, and yes that’s totally lopsided and unfair. Little kids have it made.

I could’ve narrowed it down farther, but she was being so hilarious and cute (not to mention cooperative!) that I wanted you to see some of the silliness that I caught. Most of these poses were completely her idea. I only guided her on locations and then she kept holding poses for me and my camera kept snapping photos like it had a mind of its own. Can you blame it, though?

Keep going to read her little interview.

She’s so funny! Look at her little model poses. I don’t know where she learns them.

What’s your favorite part of school? Playing games on the computer.

(Preschool is a little different from when I was a kid! PS She’s showing us a little pebble she found.)

I told her to put her hand on her hip in that left photo, but I think she was distracted by her posing ideas and it looks more like she’s scratching her side. πŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite thing about your mama? Hugging her. (After answering, she hugged the air in demonstration.)

What’s your favorite thing about your daddy? Loving on him.

How do you feel about ladybugs? I try to catch them for Mama because she loves them.

What kind of pet do you want? A dog that’s named Pluto.


Sister L joined her for this one.

N, you’re ADORABLE and I’m pretty sure you know it! I wish I could take pictures of you every day!


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  1. Can I go to preschool and play computer games? :p

    Cute pics! I like the hand on the hip one especially.

  2. Thanks! That's actually the one her dad liked a lot, too.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I don't know which picture is my favorite, maybe the last one. Whatever, this blog had me laughing so much that your dad came to see what was going on! He said, “She definately got bit by the cuteness bug!” Thank you, again! Love, Mom

  4. Thanks, Mom! πŸ™‚

  5. She is TOTALLY adorable. So cute.

  6. Can a girl get any cuter? I think not! She's seriously adorable and I love her poses. All of them! πŸ™‚

  7. Great shots. I'm telling you, Baby Gap would snatch her right up!

  8. Thanks, everyone!

    Brenda, perhaps, but I personally hope she doesn't go that route. πŸ˜€

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