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Project 52 (11)

September 3, 2011

I was outside waiting for beavers, but didn’t see any. I saw this instead.

I have to say, I had certain expectations of myself on this project and I’m failing to meet them. I had intended to try different sorts of photos than my usual style, and this photo (and many of the others) isn’t different. At all.

Part of the problem is I haven’t been giving the project enough thought, so by Saturday I’m just choosing from what’s on my camera for the week. I need to be more intentional and challenge myself. (Although, this week has been challenging enough on its own. :P)

Anyway, I’ll try to do better. How was your week?

(PS Please pray for my niece S, who ran away from home Wednesday night, and her family who misses her. See my sister’s blog for slightly more info.)


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  1. I like the dragonfly picture, for one. Thank you for posting a note about our daughter, S. We need all the prayers we can get!

  2. Well the good news is your usual style is very good : )


  3. I like the shot. It's a beautiful specimen! 🙂
    And like you, I haven't been challenging myself enough!

  4. Love the picture. The blue is just gorgeous.

    Prayers for S and family!

  5. Praying!

  6. I find your pictures to be consistently amazing and always fresh, so please don't lose heart! I think sometimes we tend to find our own creativity familiar, so it seems less special, but I think your pictures are always great.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Your pictures are always enjoyable. I, too, thank you for mentioning S. Prayers are always good. Love, Mom

  8. Thanks, everyone! 🙂 I swear I wasn't fishing for compliments when I said that stuff.. I just want to take some different sorts of photos.

    Danielle, that's very nice of you, thank you!

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