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Portraits – Trevor

August 20, 2011

Trevor was my first senior portrait session for the class of 2012. His mom was eager to get this checked off her list, and I have to agree that now is a good time for outdoor portraits!

I was glad to be able to experiment with some masculine backdrops and poses I had in mind, and he was a great subject. Thanks for being so patient, Trevor!

What made it even more fun was that he brought instruments along. Trevor’s been playing the cello since he was in fourth grade.

My favorite part of the session was over by this old brick building, when we brought out his electric bass.

If you’re interested in having (high school or college) senior portraits done for yourself or your child, please contact me! I’m primarily an outdoor photographer, so I’d love to get more sessions in before the rain comes.


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  1. These are cool. I like the instruments in the photos, too. The one with the awesome lighting … sorry I'm on the comment screen and can't now look at the file name or whatever … it was like bright sun spots or something (but intentional), please describe how you did that shot. I like it!

  2. Wow, these are great! I agree that the ones with the brick building and the bass are the best. Everyone should be very happy with the results : )

  3. Thanks, R and Dan! I'm always grateful for the first comments on a blog helps reassure me a bit. 🙂

    R, I'm just learning about shooting into the sun and flare, so I'd like to talk more about that but I want to get a slightly better handle on it first. I had actually JUST learned a trick to better capture it that day, and was experimenting with it for the first time in this shoot.

  4. lori permalink

    Jessica we were right about the pictures with the bass. They are awesome especially with the sun setting behind him. I can't wait to see the rest. You did an amazing job catching Trevor at the best moment.

  5. Great job! I really like the instrument ones in particular.

  6. I love portraits with instruments! Great shots; very professional looking for sure!!

    He definitely looks like a musician. Ya know, he just has that look about him 🙂

  7. Anonymous permalink

    He does have that “look” about him, kind of “Kenny G”. His mom certainly has great photos to choose from. Good job, Jessica!
    Love, Mom

  8. I think these are GREAT! Probably your best male portraits yet (not that the others have been bad).

  9. Lori – Thank you, I'm so glad you all like them!

    Thanks to everyone! I really appreciate the nice comments. And I knew what you meant Brenda – thank you. I am always looking to improve with every shoot.

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