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Pretzel Buttons

August 17, 2011

This is not my idea, I got it off Pinterest and made a couple of changes. Then I made up the name “Pretzel Buttons.” Do you like it? 🙂 The original idea uses small pretzels (in the pretzely shape) and regular Kisses, but I thought I’d use Hugs for the stripes, and when I saw these square pretzels they seemed like an easier tray for the candy. I think it would be awesome to get the single-colored M&Ms for something like a baby shower or sports gathering.

All you do is put a Hug on each pretzel, heat it in the oven at about 250 F for 3 minutes, then push the M&Ms onto it and refrigerate. I also used Reese’s Pieces, though the peanut butter flavor isn’t very strong against the Hug and pretzel.

So cute!


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  1. That is an awesome idea! I will have to try this.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! Definitely going to be trying them. =)

  3. That first picture is so great! All the colors, and so sharp. I want to eat that whole bowl of them!!!

  4. So cute! I'm totally going to make these! And Pretzel Buttons are a great name choice!

  5. LOVE THESE! I come across variations of this a lot around the holidays and am always amazed at how good such a simple thing can be. Around here people often use Rolos instead of Hugs or Kisses. That gets really messy, though.

  6. Thanks, all! The original recipe had the M&Ms pushed in a bit farther, which I'll try next time. It's harder with Hugs, though, because they start breaking.

    Brenda, I know! I'm always wondering why I didn't come up with something clever like it..there are a lot of cute and easy ideas. Wow, Rolos? I can't imagine…caramel everywhere.

  7. These were yummy when you brought them to NM. Thank you for the treat! I'll probably try making them with the kids around a holiday or something … I'm thinking candy cane hugs are sooooo yum and would be good in this application with maybe red/green M&Ms.

  8. Anonymous permalink

    They were delicious! They disappeared too quickly. I think I should try them. Maybe they'll surpass “Puppy Chow”! Love, Mom

  9. R – Great idea, and a few days after you wrote that I actually saw a picture just like that with the candy cane ones and red/green M&Ms! They were cute.

    Mom, yeah I think they make a good treat for all ages.

  10. These look awesome! I'm going to make them for a party.

    After I bought all the ingredients, I found round checkered pretzels. I wonder how those would work. (I might have to experiment!)

    Pretzel Buttons is an awesome name, and I love the idea of using one or two colors for a sports or shower theme.

  11. Amanda,

    Thanks for commenting! I just bought some of those round pretzels the other day and was thinking how well they'd suit this recipe!

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