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July 27, 2011

Happy birthday to my aunt K! I meant to send out a card but of course I slacked off.

I just wanted to give a special shout out to K since she reads my blog regularly and often responds to the entries with nice emails. And right now I’m behind on responding to her email, because I’m such a good niece.

You know one thing I associate with K? Eggs. She makes the best scrambled eggs, and I have learned an egg trick or two from her. She can cook a lot of things well, but I think I associate her most with awesome breakfasts, since she provides them whenever I visit.

Anyway, have a great day, K, and thank you for being awesome!

Here’s a photo to break up the textiness of this entry…

[Unrelated: I took this from my back deck last week..notice the summery sky. ;)]


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  1. I was already craving scrambled eggs and now I'm double craving them!

    She is awesome, though I can't remember if I've ever had her eggs.

  2. Well I'd like to thank K too since I've benefited from her egg knowledge as well : )

    Happy birthday!

  3. K does rock! Eggs and all. Pretty picture of your view, Jessica.

  4. Dania, I bet you have at some point, like when you and your mom came with my mom and me to SR! Wow, it's hard to remember that even happened.. but it was fun. 🙂

    Dan, yes, although I haven't done one of her tricks in awhile. I need to!

    R, thanks!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    She is an Awesome sister, too!
    Now it's a day late, but I'll still wish K a happy belated birthday.
    Love, Mom (not K's mom, though)
    PS The clouds do look cool reflected in the lake, Jessica, even if it's not the weather you prefer.

  6. Thanks, Mom! And thanks for specifying that you're not K's mom. 😉 I'd be surprised if Grandma was commenting on my blog.

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