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Project 52 (6)

July 16, 2011

I’m sorry for another flowers-in-vase photo, but I’m pretty sure this is the only picture I took this week! I’ve been spending free time on other things, like labeling thousands of faces with the face recognition software I’m trying out. Only like 6,000 more to go, though, so I’m on the home stretch. 😉

  1. Bluebells! Does your face recognition software recognize bluebells?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    A beautiful vase of blue hydrangeas!
    It makes me think of being at home.
    Not that I have hydrangeas in a vase, but cut flowers on a window sill always seem so comforting.
    Thank you, love, Mom

  3. I love hydrangeas! I like the quiet, peaceful, simplicity of this shot

  4. Dan, not everything is a bluebell!!

    Mom, thanks! Yeah I took them from work (shh) where there are millions of them. I try to have more fresh flowers in my apartment in my old age.

    Samantha – thanks!

  5. Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitteeeeeeeee

  6. fayelle permalink

    This could be in a magazine. Like Martha stewart. So pretty!

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