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Portraits – Katrina

May 22, 2011

The wisteria isn’t at its prime, but it’s blooming, and I’ve been wanting to do some portraits at Bush House since last year. Katrina and I managed to agree on a night when we were both free and it wasn’t supposed to rain. It was sunny during the day, so in my head I had envisioned golden evening light and a chance to practice making the most of it. Instead, it was overcast and slightly chilly, but we took advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Katrina – thank you for being so patient with me as I tried lots of different poses and locations. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. πŸ™‚

Bush House is not quite as nice as Deepwood, but it definitely has its strengths.

Like the porch and, of course, the wisteria. (On the left, Katrina is being silly – she was very happy to be standing on the railing!)

This gazebo is in the nearby rose garden where, as you can see, there are no roses in bloom yet.

I think she kind of looks like Anne Hathaway here.



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  1. Very, very pretty!!! Her blue shirt complements her eyes and is the perfect color against the various backgrounds. I LOVE the one where she is laying in the grass…gorgeous!!!!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I know, I felt she chose the perfect outfit. I had suggested something non-lavender since I wanted to incorporate the lavender wisteria, and she picked a great color!

  3. Great pics! She looks so happy in the pics where she's smiling, she looks like she's really having fun : )

  4. Her eyes are amazing. I don't know if you just know only beautiful people or if your photography brings out their best characteristics, but this portrait session was no different than the others as far as beauty goes. Wonderful. I love the photos with her laying down or close-up on her eyes best, but all are great.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Ditto R, mostly. I especially like the pictures with Katrina seated on the chair with wisteria in the background, the laying down picture featuring her eyes and the picture you wrote “lovely” underneath. Very nice! Thanks, Mom

  6. She did choose the perfect outfit! He eyes are gorgeous and the scenery is amazing. Beautiful spot for portraits!
    I think she's a natural poser πŸ™‚

  7. These are great, and she looks beautiful! Doesn't she remind you a little bit of Lara?

  8. Katrina looks incredible in these! Nice job Jessica!

  9. Dan – Thanks!

    R and Mom – It's true, I only know beautiful people. And thanks!

    Samantha – Thank you!

    Brenda – Thanks! Well…not really, but that's probably because I know her and her personality, so it shapes how I see her. Actually, looking again I can see what you're saying!

    StridentWorshipper – Thanks! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

  10. Wow. πŸ™‚

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