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May 20, 2011

The other day I signed up on Twitter! It was kind of on impulse, but it’s been fun learning about it and hearing more from friends who are otherwise kind of quiet online. If you are on Twitter and would like to follow me, I’m @GreengatePhoto. If not, you’re not missing anything.

No, I’m still not on Facebook.

Just a reminder that if you’d like to receive my blog posts through email, you can subscribe by going here.

Now some photos from the past few days:

I happened to have my big lens with me on a drive home from work when I saw a couple of deer. I see deer in this neighborhood often (more often in winter, though). I kind of consider them domestic, but I still enjoy seeing them. Not the sharpest photo, but I was stopped in the middle of the road and in a bit of a hurry.

Also, there was this bird. He was watching the deer too.

Are you bored of rainbow photos yet? I take them more to mark how often I have seen them this year compared to last. There have been so many, and when I stand out on my deck taking pictures, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have that view. I only wish you could see it in real life, because it’s better than my pictures.

What was six goslings is now two, and I’m not sure if it’s a different set or if four of them have already “gone to live at the farm.” Right after I took this photo, the dad was hissing at me and started walking toward me. I know it’s just to intimidate, but I did wonder what he would actually do to me if I didn’t move along. Are geese dangerous to humans or is it all an act? I later imagined what would happen if I just jumped at him instead of being scared off by the hissing. Would he get startled and move away? Would he pull out a nunchuck?

(SIDENOTE: Firefox said I was spelling “nunchuck” wrong, so I Googled it and came across a video called Sweet Nunchuck Skills on YouTube. In it, the guy is doing all these twirly moves with a nunchuck, and while it’s cool and skillful, I can’t help but think it looks just like baton-twirling. Somehow changing out the baton for a nunchuck makes it manly and cool, I guess.)

Happy Friday!


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  1. J got bitten by a goose at Lake Tahoe, remember? They are kind of scary — especially if you're <4 feet tall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I'm never tired of rainbows-i almost never see them!

    Yay, deer! Gosh I miss them so much since moving to GA.

  3. Love these pictures! I saw a whole group of deer last week, in a small graveyard on a side road. I was surprised to see them so close to the road in a populated area.

  4. Those are such wonderful pictures! And no, not bored of rainbow photos. How is it possible to be bored of anything so beautiful? Or, for that matter, anything at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Everyone loves rainbows; they can brighten up the gloomiest day. Thanks! The deer is cute! Looks like he (or she) is loosing the winter coat. That's a good sign I think. Love, Mom PS I'm not going to tweet, sorry.

  6. Your deer are cute and furry; longer haired than the ones we have here.

    I really like the bird shot; bright blue!

    And the rainbows are always nice to look at too. I never tire of seeing them either.

  7. R – Oh yeah! I forgot about that! And did it break the skin or anything?

    Fayelle – Don't you guys have deer in GA?

    Brenda – Thanks! That would be kind of a neat photos..deer in a graveyard.

    Mike – Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh it's possible!

    Mom – Ha! I know you're not going to Tweet and that's fine. Yeah maybe it is shedding or whatever. Some of the deer here are a little shaggy.

    Thanks, Samantha!

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