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Tanagers, etc.

May 18, 2011

I had a terrible dream this morning, and I was up early playing stupid GemCraft Chapter 0 (so addictive–if you like tower defense games, don’t click that link) to clear my mind. It was very gray out, and overall my mood was not the best when I headed to work. But you know turns my mood around?

Getting pictures of beautiful birds!

Plus the fact that this was part of my job–that’s pretty awesome too.

Before this year, I had seen one Western Tanager (and I’m not even certain about that). I don’t know what it is about this year, but there are several at work, and they aren’t even all that difficult to photograph. They certainly aren’t as skittish as some birds.

They vary in vibrancy. Some males have just a little red on their face, like this one.

I think this is a female Tanager, though I checked online and it seems some females are a tad more vibrant.

And then there are males with more red. This picture makes me so happy!

Two in one photo! Okay that’s enough of the Tanagers.

I couldn’t neglect the other birds.

You can kind of tell it’s raining in some of these pictures.

This is an outtake, but I like it when I get these accidental flying shots. Who cares about focus?

These sparrows always end up in my photos, but they’re pretty cute and they sit still for me.

Then I saw this little guy! A White-crowned Sparrow. He’s very cute.

Round bird tummies are definitely on my list of 50 Cutest Things In Nature. (Fennec foxes are also on the list.)

Switching gears, I had another snake sighting the other day. Always exciting!

Have a good rest of your week! 🙂


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  1. The third from the top picture is cute. 🙂

    Also, as a New Zealander, my instinctive reaction is to recoil upon seeing a snake.

    – Sh

  2. Oh it's “Sh” now, is it? 😉 You just gave me permission to say your name, so thank you, SHANNON! Hm…how many Shannons are in New Zealand, though?

  3. Shannon! permalink

    At least two. And at least one homophone..

  4. Shannon: PS You do know it's just a photo of a snake, right? It's not the real thing sitting on your computer.

  5. I also like the third pic, very cute. Very sharp pics…how do you get all these good shots?

  6. Thanks, Dan! Oh just lucky…they happen to really like those berries, which are on bushes on the ground, so I can get photos looking down on them which is easier than up in trees. Better lighting and a better angle!

  7. Shannon permalink

    Even a *PICTURE* of a snake causes me to recoil!

  8. Don't look down on them! They can't help their stunning beauty. 😉 But seriously. These photos rock.

  9. And what are those bushes with berries? Do you know? They might be a good addition to my bird garden here … if they can tolerate this climate.

  10. Okay, so I took a picture with my cell phone of your picture of the bird with the berry in his beak and set it as my wallpaper. My banner reads: Seek Joy! (I never change it) and so I figured that was a pretty joyful picture to go with. 🙂 Thanks. Hope you don't mind my thievery.

  11. 🙂 This post makes me happy too!

  12. Happy Post!! I love birds and those tanagers are so beautiful. Good shots, for sure!

  13. fayelle permalink

    My goodness, those managers are awesome! and I just love the blurry flight photos. beautiful!

  14. Shannon – Well that seems like kind of a hassle for you. 😛

    R – Thank you! I don't know what sort of berries they are, but I've photographed them before when they are less dead looking. And no, I don't mind. 🙂 I just made a wallpaper with that tonight.

    Brenda, Samantha, Fayelle: thank you! And cute typo, Fayelle.. managers instead of tanagers. I imagine adorable little birds trying to be all managerial.

  15. Anonymous permalink

    Wow! All these comments before I'd even seen this blog. I'll just have to sound repetitive. I love, love, love all the bird pictures and the snake!! These photos do make me happy. Love, Mom

  16. I THINK I saw one of the tanagers over here the other day. He (I'm sure) was so distinctive looking but I had no clue what type of bird that was until I saw this blog post…thank you!!

  17. Thanks, Mom!

    Jennifer – No prob! Yeah I finally saw one on my street, but before that had never seen one outside of work.

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