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Portraits – Brandon and Lacey

May 15, 2011

I met and photographed Brandon with his family last year. They were all such nice and laid-back people that I knew that another portrait session with him would be a good experience. He brought his girlfriend Lacey along and they were both so nice and cooperative as we climbed through muddy, overgrown hills. But the weather was perfect and I’m so glad we got to take advantage of it. Thanks so much, you two! I had a good time and am happy with the results. I hope you are too. 🙂

This seems posed, but it was actually authentic.. Lacey’s heels were giving her trouble on the muddy path, so I took pictures before he put her down.

I often forget to change a few to black and white, so I made a point of it this time.

Lacey was super cooperative when I asked if she’d let me try some laying-down photos.

I’ve been wanting to take advantage of this flowery hillside for a couple of years now. It’s a perfect spot for portraits.

Beautiful! And thanks to Brandon for helping me out with the reflector.

Have a great week!


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  1. It totally helps that they are so beautiful individually and together. Oh my! And when I saw the laying down picture (on her back), I was thinking, “Man, she is super cooperative!” and then I read your caption. But that picture came out so good! Her eyes are amazing in it! So many of these shots I really love … just outstanding job all-round.

  2. And I realize now there were more laying down on her back pictures than the first one with her head back(where they always there? I feel like they popped up after I looked through, but maybe I went too fast) — all of them are really neat. And what is a reflector?

  3. R – Yes, it definitely helps when the subjects are beautiful! This is why I'm not posing for photos. 😛

    Ha–great minds. And yeah, I love how the laying down ones enhance her eyes.

    Thanks for the nice words!

  4. R again: Haha..yeah, they were always there. 🙂

    A reflector is just that–a reflector! 😛 To help fill in when the light is hitting one side of the subject too strongly (and not enough on the other side). More specifically, this is the one I have.

  5. Wow, lots of great shots there. The colors are so sharp! Lots of great ones so it's hard to pick favorites, but I'll mention these:

    – They're looking at each other standing against the tree. Love it!

    – She's looking at the camera and you can see the bottom half of his face looking at her.

    – Closeup of him sitting against the brick wall.

    Nice work!

  6. I love these!

  7. Wow, these are amazing!! I love them all. Excellent job, Jessica. I love laying down shots. Cute! What type of reflector do you like to use? I've only used our car sun/window reflector before because I don't have a real one yet.

  8. Dan, I really appreciate your specific comments–thank you so much. 🙂

    Thanks, Brenda!

    Samantha, thanks, and I use this one. I'm not saying it's the best, it was just a cheap option since I didn't know yet what I needed. I think the bigger the better, so you might want to look at larger ones if you're interested in getting one. This works, you just have to get kind of close and it's really only for the head and shoulders, I think.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Beautiful portraits! I love the flower covered hillside, too! Thanks Jessica! Love, Mom

  10. What a great couple to shoot! These could easily be engagement photos too… I love that you did the field of flowers-SO good! My goodness, you have so much talent!

  11. Thank you Mom and Fayelle – how sweet of you!

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