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May 14, 2011

I had this all scheduled to post yesterday, but Blogger had issues and deleted my draft. :/ Fortunately it didn’t contain a lot of writing, so it’s not too difficult to repost. I guess I should be careful about keeping copies of my unpublished entries in case something like this happens again.

Anyway, these are just some photos from a few days ago. Some were taken at work, others at Bush Park. Which reminds me that I’ve been trying to note the photo locations more often so that visitors see some of the nice places to visit around the Salem area. There are a lot of great gardens–many free–for photo excursions or just a lovely stroll. 🙂 I should probably talk more specifically about that eventually.

I didn’t know what kind of tree this was, but then several friends told me it was a Lilac and then I felt a little dumb…I guess I’ve never really seen one in real life. Or at least not to my knowledge.

I’m excited to show you photos from a portrait session I did last night, and I plan to visit the iris garden this weekend, as well, so stay tuned.


From → Bush Park, nature

  1. Love. All. Happy Friday, by the way. And Friday the 13th, no less.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Your Grandma T had a lilac bush in the backyard that bloomed every spring. It may still be there, but I haven't looked in her backyard recently. Funny, cuz I was there yesterday. I love those photos of the bright blue bell-type flowers (and the white ones, too). Thank you, Mom

  4. Thanks, R – yes, happy Friday the 13th to you. 😀

    Thanks Rachael and Mom! Mom, I don't remember grandma's tree, but when I went back to the tree and smelled the blossoms, it seemed very familiar to me like it was attached to lost of memories. Maybe that's why.

  5. Ohhh!!!! Bleeding hearts! I love those! And the one of the ivy and the one of the caterpillar. My top three faves. One day, when I have way more money, I'm gonna buy a huge print of some flowers you take a picture of. So good!

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