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Nothing special

May 4, 2011

The weather was so nice on Sunday that I had to take advantage and enjoy nature somehow. I decided on the nearby refuge since it’s a quick and easy trip, and I hadn’t been yet this year. Previous photos from the same place are here and here.

There were lots of these.

Down in the swampy area under the rail trail.

This is some sort of Flycatcher, I think–possibly Hammonds? The pictures of various Flycatchers look really similar.

My favorite sighting of the day was this snake in the swamp. I had prayed I might get to take a picture of something interesting that I hadn’t encountered there before, and I got it!

Later I saw another snake, but he crawled under the bushes too quickly for me to get pictures.

  1. I like the one of the birdie on the fence right below the caption “There were lots of these.”

    But I REALLY LOVE the one of the lone duck swimming away. Great shot!

  2. I so enjoy your photos of nature and wildlife!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Love the little bird singing at the beginning. (I always like bird pictures.) My favorite is the duck taking flight. (The sparkle on the water almost looks violetty.) Nice touch with the little snake. Love, Mom

  4. Thanks, all! Not just for the nice words, but for reading and commenting at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mom, it's funny you mention the snake being little because I remarked on the snake to some other refuge visitors and one girl's first reaction was, “Oh that's really small.” Like I had promised it was huge, or something.

  5. I especially love the first bird picture, where it's singing, and the one of the water bird taking off! Beautiful!

  6. Yes, the duck flying away – cool. Love the birds with the yellow on their wings. And the snake! How fun! Just spotted some turtles in the wetlands at the park today, it was fun for all of us. I imagine they weren't wild, but probably former pets put there when they got too problematic, but still – fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice pictures — Nothing Special isn't a good title, because these all had something special about them.

  7. Oh, I think those birds are Audubon's Warblers!! I love them. In fact, I painted one with forsythia flowers a few year ago. I shall have to take a pic and show you sometime.

  8. Thanks B, R, S!

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