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Portraits – Jennifer

May 1, 2011

Happy May! I’ve been looking forward to taking portraits in one of the local gardens for a long time, and I was finally able to arrange a time for my friend Jennifer to meet me at Deepwood Estate for a portrait session. While every picture I take–paid or unpaid–is practice, this was especially a time for me to practice a lot of things I’ve been mentally adding to my “To Try” list, though I still forgot a ton of stuff (probably to Jennifer’s relief). Anyway, keep the experimental spirit in mind when you look these over (i.e. don’t hate). Also, I’m going to mix these all up. Order is boring.

This is one of my favorites–I loved the porch setting.

In case you’re curious about her shoes.

Beauty! Don’t you love her dress? I asked her to bring it since I had only seen it in pictures.

Yes, I have her coming through lots of gates and doorways. πŸ™‚ Hey, I had to take advantage of everything the garden had to offer!

That photo on the left is sort of an outtake, but it shows some of her personality, so I like it. πŸ˜€

Love this one!

Thanks, Jennifer!

  1. LOL at you-know-what : ) (nothing to do with you Jennifer…inside joke)

    Great set of pics. There aren't any numbers, but let me try my best to identify my favorites:

    – Second set on the right.

    – Closeup sitting on the stairs right below the “Beauty! Don't you love her dress?” caption.

    – The “personality shot”. Someone's been hanging out with Pami too much : )

    – The last one is great and the perfect finale shot.

    Nice work ladies!

  2. Yay! I love so many of these, but it's hard to identify which one I love the most because there are a bunch that are so good! Jennifer is so cute!!

  3. I LOVE these! The settings are so interesting, Jennifer looks great, and yes I love the blue dress! I was already going to comment about it!

  4. Anonymous permalink

    So many beautiful portraits in such a great setting! My favorites are 2 head shots: leaning against the porch dowel and sitting on the steps. I, also, like the one with Jennifer sitting against the brick wall. Dad's favorite is the first one of Jennifer sitting in the grass. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom

  5. Lovely! Even though I'm not a foot person really, I loved your little focus on her shoes and pedicure … I could see that being part of a collage. Great ideas for posing. She is a wonderful subject so that helps, I'm sure. πŸ™‚ I, too, like the ones on the porch a lot, but all are very nice.

  6. Lovely girl, lovely setting! I really like the one that is also your favorite; the porch setting. And her dress really suits her and looks great on her.

    Those photos turned out great!!

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments!

    Dan, you're funny–it's okay if you actually acknowledge it. πŸ˜› It's not a game. Not a game. Not a game.

    Thanks, Dania!

    Brenda, yeah it was a great setting–lots of different places for photos.

    Mom, thanks for passing along Dad's favorite too!

    R – Haha.. I didn't remember about you and feet. That was just a random shot at the very end when Jennifer mentioned her shoes (long story), so it wasn't given a lot of thought. I just know some people like to see shoes.

    Thanks, Samantha!

  8. I'm supposed to be the franchise player!

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