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Deepwood Estate (again)

April 27, 2011

Is it too soon to post the rest of my Deepwood photos? I get impatient. 🙂 You can see the other ones here and here.

The nature trail behind the house ends up running into this creek. Across it is Bush Park, unless you count Deepwood Estate as part of Bush Park. I don’t know all of the crazy rules around here.

More little darlings along the path.

This is how some of the nature path looks. At the end you can see the log (pictured next), but in this photo it resembles a bear or a sea lion. It would be pretty weird to encounter a sea lion in the forest, but with God all things are possible.

Close up of the sea lion.

Oh, ferns! You’re killing me with your spirals! How fun is it that they slowly uncurl? Nice touch, God…nice touch! (TFD)

Bleeding hearts are so adorable to me. One day I’ll have some in my future garden (that is mostly maintained by paid landscapers).

White, for a classier or bridal look! They look like they have cocoons dropping down from them.

I did see a hummingbird in this area the day before, but it was before I knew it was especially created to attract them. A hummingbird garden is DEFINITELY going in my future yard.

When I was little, I didn’t think there were blue flowers. I was so naive.

This picture reminds me that I realized only last night that I totally forgot to take pictures of the FRONT of the house. That’s one of those things I’ll have to go back for. I’m a little slow.

Okay, I loved these and have never seen them. They are so delicate and sweet, like all the baby spiders on Charlotte’s Web. I’m not sure my photos really depict them well, though.

They kind of have the shape of a fern but are comprised of so many dainty leaves. I’m holding back from using lots of annoying flowery language right now.

BONUS: I saw these ducklings in “my backyard” the other day. First duckling sighting of the year! But I’m slightly disturbed that there were only two. 😐

Thanks for looking! 🙂

  1. Gorgeous photos Jessica!

    We planted some bleeding hearts this year. They are pretty. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos. Especially love the Bleeding Hearts and the Ferns!

  3. Thanks, Emily! Oh, that's fun–I wonder how long they last each year.

    R, thanks! Yeah, looking at those ferns makes me want to take more pictures of them. I did, actually, but only posted the two here.

  4. I love bleeding hearts but I didn't know they came in white; that's awesome! I think they'd be lovely in a wedding too.

    Oh, those ferns are so cool. Love them. 🙂

    It's so green and gorgeous there. Those paths are neat with all the greenery right around you as you meander down them.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I see why you love this place. So many great photo opts. You do such a nice job. Maybe I can go with you, someday. Love, Mom

  6. This place is breathtaking!! Great job on the photography. =)

  7. The sea lion comment cracked me up!! It reminds me more of a dinosaur or some other prehistoric creature.

    I think of you whenever I see bleeding hearts! 🙂

  8. These are just glorious, Jessica!

  9. I heart heart Deepwoods! It's wild and tame and inspiring. Have you had a tour of the inside of the house?

  10. Samantha – Yeah, I don't see the white ones as often. And yes, we're at the greenest time of the year now!

    Thanks, Mom!

    Thank you Sarah, Brenda and Danielle!

    Tina, no I haven't yet. 🙂

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