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April 19, 2011

Okay, I lied–I didn’t get any wallpapers up this weekend (I was extremely busy sitting on my couch), but I have some for you today! And today is a VERY special day because it’s my half-birthday. 🙂 It’s okay–I accept late gifts. Email me for my address.

Annnnnd: happy anniversary to my older sister and her husband! I can’t believe next year is the big 2-0 for you guys.

On with the wallpaper…which should really be called desktop pixels:

[TO USE: Click on the resolution that’s closest to yours to open the picture (you can check your screen resolution here, although I’ve heard it’s not always accurate). You can then right-click on top of the image and “Set as desktop background…” or whatever the similar wording is in that menu.]

Sorry to be annoying with watermarks. It’s not really for those of you using the wallpapers, it’s more for people coming across my images online (especially when they are large). It’s not the best protection, but it’s something.


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  1. Love the purple one and the little birdie : )

    Happy anniversary R!

  2. …and a very happy half birthday to you! 🙂 Wallpapers have been saved. Did my DVD's help out your busy weekend yesterday? 🙂

  3. Thanks, Dan! And thanks on behalf of R and C. RC Cola.

    Jennifer: Yes your DVDs helped a lot! 😀 I'm…more episodes than I care to admit into season 2. Your brother better rush through three. 😉 I guess I could always pick up a cheap copy of that too.

  4. I'd better check with him! 🙂 Just looked and there are some cheap copies on Amazon if you don't mind non-original boxing. You could make more wallpapers for us while you wait for the next season… 🙂 🙂

  5. Jennifer: Wow, season 3 is cheaper than 1 and 2 were! It would be nice to have my own since I'm enjoying it and will probably watch it again sometime.

  6. PS I got my copy of 2 today so I can return yours. 🙂

  7. Yay! 😀

  8. Thanks for the shout out, Jessica, and happy half-birthday! Oh, I see I'm not the first to remember that. :-\

  9. And thanks, Dan, too, for myself. 🙂

  10. R – To remember it? I put it in my entry! 😛

  11. Awesomeness!! I will have a hard time deciding which to put on my desktop first!!

    Happy 19th anniversary to your sis and her husband. Wow! My parents have been married for almost 22 years so they don't have them beat by much.

  12. Samantha – Thank you. And it's not really a fair comparison of your parents to my sister!

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