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Blogging and park photos

April 16, 2011

All week I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t posted since Sunday, and yet none of my ideas for a post seemed good enough. I tend to over-analyze (anyone who knows me knows this), so I would start posts and then wonder if they were worth my time. I’ll probably post them eventually, but meanwhile, I haven’t had many opportunities to take pictures or do anything worth blogging. It’s pretty rainy out, and I’m in a dull phase (mood-wise). Also, I’ve barely been photographing my food. I think I have one or two photos from the past week. I guess I’ve taken advantage of my evening down time and not demanded much of myself. I have watched a lot of Alias (season 1) though.

I could say a lot more about blogging woes, but I’ll spare you.

Just today it occurred to me that I could post more wallpapers. Duh. I had said I wanted to do it more regularly, but somehow I already forgot about that! So I’ll try to get one or two selections up this weekend, but for now here are just a few photos I took at Bush Park on my lunch break the other day. It’s right by the library, so I’ve had a few opportunities to monitor the spring growth there since I want to do some flowery portraits of a friend. I was kind of rushed, so the photos were more about documentation than art, and you’re only getting three. 🙂

I don’t remember seeing so many blossoms coming out of tree trunks. This looks like a tree necklace.

There are tons of these hangy flowers all over the park.

I hope to post more recipes again soon. I just purchased my first crock pot and I hope to share some successful dishes I try. This blog has lots of great crock pot recipes, but the photos are a little lacking (sorry!), so I’m motivated to take my own pictures.

How are you guys? How are the emailed posts working out? Just a reminder that when you first subscribe, you’ll get an email from Feedburner needing verification before it’ll start working. You may have to check your junk mail folder for that.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hi. I'm fine. Busy, busy as usual, since you asked. Nice pictures!

  2. Yay for crock pot! It's great you got one because you'll find all kinds of cool things to do with it and I can just learn from you : ) I'm really bad about finding recipes but you're good at it. I bookmarked that site you mentioned. I want to make spinach artichoke dip in my crock pot. Yum!!!!

  3. I've created a folder for computer wallpapers too that I can transfer to my iPad. They look great on that as well! I just signed up for the e-mail update thing…sorry, forgot about that. I'll let you know how it works even though I get these through my RSS feed reader thingie. 🙂 Thanks for all the beautiful photos!

  4. R – Thanks!

    Dan – Now I do too!

    Jennifer – Oh it's okay, you don't have to subscribe through email. 🙂 I knew you had it in your reader. I didn't think about iPads! I might have to make them in that size! Unless one of the wallpapers works well for it. Thanks!

  5. I would love more wallpaper photos! Nice shots; love the tree necklace.

    You should start a food blog with your crock pot recipes that you try and YOUR photos! I would love that and it would inspire me to try more crock pot recipes too.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks, Jessica! I love all 3 photos. I'm fine (busy), how are you? Love, Mom

  7. Samantha – Nah, it's hard enough for me to keep up with this blog, but thanks for the thought. 🙂 I will try to post some recipes.

    Hey Mom, I'm fine. I hope to call you on Easter. Dad said you guys would be home. He also told me about the Scare Crow! Ha!

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