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April 10, 2011

A few places you might want to check out on the web of worldwide:

CreativeLIVE – This site offers online seminars (webinars) that are free while live (and can be purchased later). Photographers and other creative professionals are brought in to give workshops, and there’s a lot of really helpful material. I don’t know if it’s standard, but the one I watched was replayed about an hour after it ended, so I actually had two opportunities to see it for free. This is a great resource for those of us seeking some expert advice in areas like photography, videography, graphic design and business. I’m definitely going to “attend” some more seminars (there’s a food photography one coming up in May!).

Dan…on games! – My good friend Dan has started a blog on games (of all types). He’s smart, funny, and knows a lot about a lot of games. He also incorporates personal experiences and stories into his posts. I’ve found his entries very interesting even when they aren’t about a game I play, so please go check it out.

Softly Sweetly Gourmet Marshmallows – I’ve mentioned my friend Rachael’s Etsy shop before, but I wanted to link you again because she’s doing a fundraiser for Japan. If you purchase some of her Strawberry Pocky marshmallows, 100% of the profit goes to Relief International. Also, Rachael has added more flavors, including some incredible-looking caramel ones that I want to try.

Yesterday I went to what is essentially a drive-thru zoo down in Winston, OR. I won’t bore you with most of the photos (zoos tend to be more interesting in person, don’t you agree?), but thought I’d share a couple just to jazz up this post.

Enjoy your week. This gray, wet Oregon weather is truly inspiring, so I’m very excited about waking up to a rainy Monday!


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  1. Agreed on the weather!

    Thank you for the shout out! : )

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    Love the giraffe picture!

  3. The giraffe rocks!

  4. That giraffe looks crazy!! Good photos!

  5. I love that giraffe; he's looking hip! =P

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Dittos on the giraffe!! Such a cool photo. Can't wait for a coment from R. Love, Mom

  7. Of course I love the giraffe picture!! Thanks!

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