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Death Valley: Dantes View

March 12, 2011

Sunday evening we drove up to Dantes View to watch the sunset. The sunset wasn’t all that spectacular, but the view was awesome. Of course, these photos don’t exactly capture it all that well.

Those are my parents walking down one of the paths. I’m not really afraid of heights, but I am paranoid when people are near edges and in seemingly dangerous situations, so I was a little jumpy up here. Sometimes an edge is not as steep as it appears from a distance, so my dad would be safe but I’d be telling him to move from the edge and having to walk away so I’d be less freaked. πŸ˜› What if there was loose gravel? You never know!

[I was the same way at the edge of a crater we visited later, and also when our older tour guide was standing at the very edge of a staircase, telling us how they’ve had to life-flight people out of there for injuries. My mom and I couldn’t even look at him! MOVE AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THE STEP, MAN! Does anyone else have this problem?]

This is what I meant about the salt looking like lakes from a distance. Don’t the white patches seem like water of some sort?

Desert plants.

I’m way more comfortable (and equipped) photographing small plants than large views/landscapes.

Looking down at the road that took us up to this point.

The moon was pretty cute that night when we got back to our campsite.

  1. Very cool and interesting. I was wondering how those could be lakes in Death Valley until I read your comment.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Your pictures look like paintings. You can do landscapes anytime.


  3. These pictures are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Really, truly. I'm in awe of your talents as a photographer (again and always). When I grow up, I want to be able to take pictures like you. πŸ™‚

    On a separate note, I am a little like that about edges, particularly when it concerns my kids. I am afraid of heights (as you know) and yet, I don't seem bothered these days about myself standing on edges. Is that weird or what? Now driving on edges really bothers me … especially the guardrail-less mountain roads of southern Colorado. YIKERS. Talk about fear of death … those roads are just sick. If I never go back on those roads again, it'll be too soon for me. Beautiful views, but no thanks on the driving through there just to see them.

    That's what I think about that. πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Gorgeous! They totally look like lakes!

    Shawn has that same problem with seeing other people in precarious spots.


  5. Thanks, all!

    R – Thanks! So weird, because I was least excited about this post of photos. They're just okay to me.

  6. Very cool! Yes, I am like that too. I've heard too many horror stories of the ground giving away or loose rock or people slipping by edges that drop 100's of feet!!

    and I'm much more equipped (and prefer) to do close up shots of flowers etc… than large landscapes

  7. These are GREAT! I especially like the first desert plant… the white sticks one.

  8. Thanks, Samantha and Brenda!

  9. Anonymous permalink

    I do love the little moon. The giant's thumbnail. I'm enjoying our trip all over again. – Mom

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