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Food Friday

March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

This is two weeks of food photo choices.

02/18 – I was craving chili like mad and didn’t want to wait, so I just bought some. I did make the chips out of tortillas, though, because that sounded more delicious!

02/20 – What’s this? More tortillas? They’re so delicious!

02/22 – I made some banana cupcakes so I could use up the quickly-browning bananas. I put cream cheese frosting on them and brought some to work.

02/23 – More tortellini! This time with a clam caper sauce. It was just okay.

02/26 – The lunch served at the women’s conference. It was delicious! I could go for another croissant.

02/27 – After an afternoon on the cold, rainy, windy coast, we went to dinner at Mo’s (a popular chain on the Oregon coast). This is the crab melt.

02/28 – Obviously having company means splurging! We bought some brownies and made them into sundaes.

03/02 – You’re probably thinking I only eat various forms of stuffed pasta. You’re probably right.

03/02 – I had this the same day, but it’s not as pretty of a picture! That’s why lots of things don’t make my daily food photo.

Yes, I do eat vegetables! I just don’t always photograph them.


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  1. Your food photography always makes me hungry even if I've just eaten =P
    I love pastas and stuffed pastas are even better!!
    Company definitely means splurging 😉

  2. Yum! Now I'm feeling hungry. Good photos!!

  3. Do you always put your yogurt on a plate? 🙂 Fancy. I think I saw most of these pictures already, but it's fun to revisit your last couple weeks of food pics. You're so good at taking them!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. mmm- I wanna try a crab melt. Looks delicious!

  5. You do eat a lot of veggies! I enjoyed all the salads and dipping veggies. 🙂

  6. Fayelle permalink

    crab melt??? I'm SO jealous. I wish I lived near the sea for some good seafood.

    AND I wish I had more stuffed pasta.

  7. Oh thanks a lot! Now I'm so hungry for pasta! and I can't have any *(see my blog for that- ha!)*
    oh well, such is life I suppose.
    Keep it up- photos are calorie free my friends- I glutton myself on food photos!

  8. Thanks!

    R – No, it was just for the photo. Thanks!

    Emily – It was delicious!

    Heather (am I allowed to call you that in public? :)) – Sorry! 🙂 Yeah, sometimes I get mad at my own photos when they make me crave stuff I shouldn't have! Like no-bake peanut butter bars.. every time I see a picture I want to make some!

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