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February 25, 2011

I’ve waited a year and a half (that is, since I first moved to this particular home) for a legitimate snow covering at my place! The timing isn’t perfect, as I have company coming and airport trips to make, but I think that’ll be fine. Meanwhile, this is what I woke up to this morning:

(Well, for the record, this was like an hour after I woke up.)

It was a little too dark for sharp duck photos, but I wanted to show you the snow on this Ringneck’s back! These are diving ducks, but the snow was coming down hard enough at that point that it collected between dives.

Before I headed down to take photos, I debated whether I wanted to take my larger telephoto lens. I decided there would be no need, and now I’m kicking myself! These deer were wandering around the forest and I could only use my stupid kit lens to photograph them. Can you even see them?

I circled them for you, if not. 🙂

I guess this is Lake Bella? 🙂 I’ll have to ask about that sign sometime…it hasn’t been up the whole time I’ve lived here. The lake right next to it is Lake Edward. 😉

Some of these are kind of similar…sorry about that.

Some of these look black and white, but I left them all in color. That’s a beaver lodge off to the left.

Lake Renesmee.

Okay, I guess that’s enough for now. Hey, we get snow so rarely that I had to get a little crazy with the pictures. Who knows when I’ll see it again? Maybe tomorrow, actually, but fingers crossed that I won’t. I need nice, dry roads.

I think Food Friday is going to be postponed. I’ll show you double next week!


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  1. JESSICA! These are SO unbelievably gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  2. JESSICA!!!!!!! These are unbelievably beautiful! I feel like I'm in a dream! In Narnia! I LOVE THEM!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Incredible shots. To think in a little over a week you will be taking dessert landscapes in 82 degree weather. We're supposed to have snow tonight.


  4. AWESOME!! So glad you got some so you could take pretty pictures! 🙂 I love winter shots with bodies of water. Yes, I could see the deer. The ducks are cute 🙂
    Lake Bella and Edward; lol =P

    I like how they look black and white even tho they aren't.

    Safe travels!

  5. The deer are amazing! All of them are amazing! I love it!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Your dad showed the pictures to me last night. I love them even more this morning. We may get snow sometime today, but it certainly won't look like this. If we do, I could take pictures of the dogs!!!
    Enjoy your weekend. Love, Mom

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Gorgeous pics! Love the ducks and the deer : )


  8. Beautimous! Really! Great, great, awesome photos. I did spot the deer prior to seeing them in the circles, for the record. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you so much for all the nice comments! Sorry I haven't been able to respond sooner, and can't do individual messages. Busy weekend!

  10. Fayelle permalink

    WOW, these are wonderful. I spotted the deer right away!

    These make me YEARN for Colorado and snow. SIGH. That must mean you take a GREAT snowy photo. 🙂

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