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Food Friday

February 18, 2011

Sorry, just one photo this week. I didn’t put much effort into the rest, so they didn’t make the cut.

02/15 – P sent me home with awesome leftovers (she and I hung out on Valentine’s evening). So good!

Things have been pretty busy this week, and mostly in my brain. I feel like I’m having to make lots of little decisions and keep track of a billion tasks at the moment. None of them are very difficult on their own, but together I’m getting drained. TGIF and it’s a holiday weekend!

Last night I had the typical dream for how I’m feeling: I’m in school and have 3,000 projects due today and I haven’t started on any of them. It’s fun to stress while I sleep!

Photography has been consuming most of my thoughts, lately, due to the name change, the upcoming workshop, a new lens I’m planning to buy (so I’ve been obsessively tracking the price and double-checking reviews), and now I’ve agreed to show my photos in a little work-related gallery next month. So many decisions to make! Whenever I see my own photos a lot, I start feeling really tired and critical of myself, so that’s part of the drain. I’ve been second-guessing every decision and just feeling incompetent overall. I’m sure it’ll pass.

Boy, I’m chatty!

There are some great things coming up in my life. Next weekend I have two friends (from two states!) visiting so we can hang out and they can attend my photo workshop. Did I already tell you this? If so, it’s just because I’m very excited! How awesome are my friends, near and far? And then after that I’m going to Death Valley to camp with my parents! I’ve never been, and March is supposed to be an ideal time for photos. Oh and that’s Death Valley, CA. I’ve been surprised at how many times people have asked me where it is.

Have a great Friday and weekend! Sorry this post was lacking in photos and abundant in my rambling. I’m sure it’s full of mistakes, too–I’m not going to spend much time proofreading.

PS It’s snowing!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I often have dream about not getting my homework done for classes in highschool. It's probably because I'm a procrastinator. You'll be fine. I love all your pictures. It's snowing? How cool! Love, Mom

  2. I meant to ask you this yesterday, but have you checked B&H Photo? I just ordered a lens and camera case from them for my brother's birthday, and their prices seem reasonable. Shipping was FAST too!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah, you've got a lot of good stuff coming up : ) Snowing, eh? I thought we were done with that winter stuff!


  4. I didn't know you were going to Death Valley with them! How cool is that?! Your week with a million little decisions sounds a lot like mine. Even my computer time has been so severely limited (not all bad). Blehhh.

  5. Mom – Oh it just snowed for a few minutes. It's not sticking. đŸ™‚

    Brenda – I did after you mentioned it (and after I had already bought the lens), just out of curiosity, and it was the same price as on Amazon. And wow, you're a nice sister!!

    R – Yeah, we talked about it at Christmas and now I'm going!

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